the past 5 days

by chaotarroo

it almost one week since i updated on exactly what the shit i have been doing in details.
so for LOL and reminiscence purposes in the near future, i shall.

here’s what that happened during the past 5 days, or at least it’s everything that i can remember …

wednesday:  struggled to stay awake during norman’s class, marathoned “EotE”, screwed around with maya and slacked in BGZ till 5? or something? can’t remember if i went out with anyone … probably not.

thursday: loved this day for various reason. went through a lesson that involves incest and greek philosophy in the morning. chill for like 2hrs at BGZ. had not very good lunch but awesome shit movie at JP (go fucking watch shutter island ty). adopted a new pet on my way home.

friday: had some sort of “biography” lesson in the morning, listened to a decent man boast about his diplomatic working experience. was once again reminded that i have a completely unfriendly face, met new IS friends. contemplated hard if i should go glow, finally did but escaped from CC within 15mins. meet up with the girls again and had late night macdonals.

saturday: woke up early to cook spaghetti. ran out of chicken stock which resulted in a semi fail sauce. went town, played 2hrs tekken and followed felix to get his high tier armani belt. wanted to watch “kick ass” initially but later considered the gayness of 2 guys watching late night movie. this entire time, i can’t stop staring at my pants and it’s awkward zip design …

sunday: woke up, read, slept, wokeup, slept again. woke up for the final time and watched msryu 2 gen cream everybody in some epic mishima showcase at japan. this spurred me to play tekken and traveled to zf house without questions. messed around with roger till 11 and had my worse meal of the week at 313.

monday aka today: the most happening and tiring among the entire week. woke up late and left poor sheryl at work alone. bus 61 mind fucked me by making me wait 45mins, almost feel down like twice on my way to school thanks to my frictionless flip flops. suffered from minor mood swing for being unable to find any lunch buddy. felt helpless yet lazy during eric’s lesson, did everything except the constructive. went back to BGZ, played shadow hunters with 5 other freshies. it was considerably fun, but arif owned all of us on our way out. at 9, went XMM’s house for VID help, did what i could, ate char grilled bar and went home.

that’s all.
i just had the urge to type, don’t mind me.