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Month: January, 2010

i should be …

sweating my mind over my pdw project but instead, i find myself compiling 100 pointless rules about life over the past 4days.

happy to say, i am done with it.

some rules seem redundant though, i am now unsure if i should start writing short essays for each of them or continue revising them till i am happy.

hmmmm …


maybe …

looking around, checking reality once more, i am starting to think that perhaps i lost more than what i have gained.
but oh well, decisions are made for executing, not regretting. what has to be done, will be done eventually.

also, rule 11 still prevails!

11: there’s no such thing as a bad change. that includes your mother dying

still observing and learning what i can along the way …

less on angsty whinings and more on my LYFEEE now, depicted in the typical way.

ytd night was chill. or that’s what typical teens will call it.
mild sensation of soreness is traveling all around my left leg now and i don’t know why.
did we walk much?
at night, they came over to my house and we racked our brains to come up with “fun” activities which we obviously fail to in the end.
my house is really a boring slump i guess …
so we just talked shit, do shit and did nothing.
finally, thanks to the considerate operating system of SBS, they were forced to leave at 12 plus.
i must really enjoy sitting down, doing nth lol.


scoooooool now.

i don’t want to fail PDW, but believe that i will.
have never been so desperate in completing an assignment.
retaking 2 modules for next sem will be completely disastrous.
with that, let me say a prayer.

“god, i am sorrying for buying multiple books pertaining to militant atheism and spending hours on forums debunking creationist. but but but … if you are truly benevolent and merciful … SAVE ME!”

that will be all.
i suspect the only reason why i made this entry is because it’s 9am in the morning and i am BORED …

nvm kthxbye.


while i was taking bus home, i decided that trying to look good is overrated.

it’s time to look like shit.

CATS and andrew birdie …

It’s tuesday, the 26th of January, 7:19am in the morning.

CATS will be sodomizing me in approximately 2.5hrs time but in 12hrs time, Andrew Bird will be rubbing ointment all around my ass.

Nice day today just like yesterday … Hopefully.

Oh and btw, i semi-fucked up my CATS report ytd by realising there’s a template for it only @ 2am in the morning and spent another 45mins to brush up on whatever that’s needed to be.

My body is telling me she is tired but my mind is filling up excitement not for CATS but my afternoon nap after returning from school

fun fact of the day: i realised i can be hardworking as well.

happy, i certainly am

moving on.

i feel happier now.

with much more motivation to pass my exams.

i just want to pass my modules and enjoy my holidays.

life is more simple than you think.



“CATS is an interesting module that’s made compulsory for all year 1 non-business students. After 13 weeks of taking this module, I firmly believe my experience from it will play a crucial role in my working years to come.

The main objective of CATS is to yield the imagination and creativity of the students to it’s limits. in order for this to happen, lessons are made lively and assignments are made as flexible as it possibly can be.

I remembered that during the second week of my CATS lesson, we were asked to assume roles of different influential individuals and was required to play a negotiating game. Although this game might seem simple or even pointless to some, I had a particularly deep impression of this lesson. This “simple” game of negotiating game is harder than I initially thought, we had to drive our imagination to it’s limits and prevent ourselves from getting “killed”. And before many of us even realize it, we were taking down notes and racking our brain to keep ourselves alive.
This is one good example that CATS helped me to be more creative.

Assignment wise, I have to admit it was tedious at certain parts. But within this “tedious-ness” much fun was involved as well. The first assignment required us to research on different brain storming technique and filter out the one we liked best. Before this assignment, little did I realize the abundant amount of brain storming technique that existed. Although many of the researched brain storming technique were disused eventually, these technique allowed us to discover blind spots within problems and made us more creative in solving them.
Few years down the road, I am certain these technique will be helping in leaping through obstacles.

Apart from making us more creative, CATS has helped us become better presenters and advocated the importance of teamwork silently as well.”

344words/7 = 49words per minute of subconscious typing.

back to blogging

craziest few days of my life.

had my first exposure to singing K aka mainstream chinese love songs, and had my first exposure to clubbing.

not exactly my type of thing but meh, first experience can’t be that shitty.
i don’t see myself clubbing anymore in the months to come though, i feel so old between the crowd.

coming tuesday, i will be having my first concert ever at esplanade soon with ANDREW BIRD

so yeah. 2010 is naise, and i want to keep it naise.
to do so, first i have to pass my poly modules lol.

work work work

busy, am i?

busy-ness kept me from blogging the past few days.
busy from work, busy from school, busy from designing my new blog layout.
other than reading bakuman, i guess my “soon to be blog” is the only other motivation that’s pushing me on.

presenting the proto type.

blogging revolution anyone?

my dreams, your dreams

dreams are like crab eggs.
it’s nice for people to have them but it would sucked if all of them came true.

i dont want a ocean full of fucking crap …
i dont want a society full of self important dreamers.


respect for the brits

it seems to me that brits have better music appreciating sensory than anyone else in this world.