The Wolf of Wall Street

The real atrocity here isn’t the years of fraud committed but the wimpy impulse of ratting out on your friend for your own gain. And a life time of searching will not gather you the same friends nor will it rinse away the regret. Bad decisions, one after another, when the fork to redemption is just around the corner. Until no junctions are in sight and no more decisions can be made because you’ve lost it all.

The ending to the Wolf of Wall Street cannot be anymore brilliant as it subtlety encapsulates the real concern of the movie. Fraud and the high life of elite brokers in wall street are just decorations to help depict the “beautiful” friendship between Gordon and his pals. Amidst the allure of greed and other destructive addictions that Gordon got himself tangled into, throughout the movie, he remained steadfast on one principle: to always walk by his friends who are the pillars behind his success. Until the last moment, he wavered and changed.

A million dollar may grant you prison tennis in comfy polos but it will not buy you another chance to reverse a terrible decision made. At the end of the movie, Gordon had absolutely no interest in attending seminars and profiting from teaching sales technique. He’s only going through the motion while waiting for that one person to challenge him to write something on a napkin like what Brad, whom he honored as a close friend, did. But from the many confused faces from the last frame, his search will last for a life time.

Marty Marty Marty, such a genius.

PS: I feel thankful for being able to still pick up allegories in movies even after 7 grueling months of work that robbed me of art and the expressive part of life.

PSS: And even more thankful that I have you in my life. Goodnight turtle (: