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Month: August, 2010

i want a dslr

not really.
but at least something that allows me to focus well and mess with it’s shutter speed and aperture.
k, that’s a DSLR.

anyhow, a random rant.
i take offense at abusers of the above acronym that takes mindless picture of the sky or their feet.
serious offense.  so fuck you and give me your camera.



random musing

i irk at the thought of snogging a stubble filled chin, but that’s only because i am biologically engineered to do so. same applies to my love for boobs and pussies.

but to think extremely critically, among the two sexes, the male is surely the more beautiful.
both physically and intellectually. the male is charismatic in a million ways women can only dream to be.

to ignore what i am built on and rely solely on cognition, girls are hardly charismatic.
sometimes i hope i can defeat what i am biologically and be gay.

movie scenes

the most profound and impactful of movie scenes based on the list i provided earlier on.
top 10 list, in no order.

tokyo sonata: where the family returns for breakfast. everyone silent, impassive of the perils they just went through, wolfing down the meal.

lost in translation: where charlotte lies on bob shoulder’s at the singing lounge.

4months 3weeks 2days: the meeting with her bf’s relatives just moments after she’s raped by the shady abortion surgeon. she’s in complete daze, staring at air for 10 full minutes. the camera remains stagnant.

million dollar baby: when clint eastwood pulls off hilary’s swank life supporting device. he explains the meaning of mo cuishle to her, we can see she’s grateful.

nobody knows: when the children load their deceased sister in a luggage. as promised, the eldest son then brings her to the airport and buries her.

let the right one in: when eli returns to save oscar by the poolside. ripping heads off from the bullies.

one flew over the cuckoo nest: when chief notices the scar on jack nicholson’s head and kills him, almost weeping. uprooting the bathroom’s basin and escaping from the asylum.

lilja 4ever: when lilya plays with the little boy in heaven, with plastic wings attached to their back. we realized she’s dead.

eternal sunshine of the spotless mind: the movie’s ending. where clementine explains the same will only happen if they went into a relationship, but they do so anyway.

21 grams: where sean penn explains the significance behind the movie’s title and die. we realized the beginning of the movie is actually the end.

a list of what i watched in august

or rewatched, or read the script of. excluding all trash that i watched in cinemas.

4 weeks 3 months 2days
12 angry man
21 grams
a clockwork orange
american history x
amores perros
an education
battle royale
being john malkovich
boiler’s room
cadillac records
catch me if you can
citizen kane
city of god
clerks II
dog day afternoon
donnie brasco
doctor strangelove
enternal sunshine of spotless mind
ett hal e mitt hjarta
fight club
glengarry glen ross
groundhog day
gosford park
hotel rwanda
kill bill
kill bill II
leon, the professional
let the right one in
lilja 4-ever
little miss sunshine
lost in translation
match point
million dollar baby
nobody knows
one flew over the cuckoo nest
paris j’teaime
pulp fiction
raging bull
reservoir dogs
saving private ryan
scent of a woman
schindlers list
short cuts
silence of the lambs
slumdog millionaire
taxi driver
tell no one
thank you for smoking
the bicycle thief
the buffalo night
the dajeerling limited
the diving bell and butterfly
the graduate
the shawshank redemption
the usual suspect
the crying game
the departed
the royal tenenbuams
thelma and louise
virgin suicides
there will be blood
this is england
tokyo sonata
un prophete

good list eh? slightly short of a hundred.
best part being i absorbed immensely from every dialogue, every transition and every technique of editing.
also, remembered the names and history of every director/scriptwriter that made/wrote these awesome films.
it’s time for some serious writing.

Samuel Johnson

on marriage.

“Such is the common process of marriage. A youth and maiden exchange meeting by chance, or brought together by artifice, exchange glances, reciprocate civilities, go home, and dream of one another. Having little to divert attention, or diversify thought, they find themselves uneasy when they are apart, and therefore conclude that they shall be happy together. They marry, and discover what nothing but voluntary blindness had before concealed; they wear out life in altercations, and charge nature with cruelty.”

– Johnson: Rasselas

lykke li

lykke li is so catchy and innocuous it’s jeeringly the perfect tune to play while sinking in self torment.
among all griefs that harass the distress, sure to say the most bitter is a scornful jest.
love this girl, love me being predictably irrational.

Guillermo Arriaga

amores perros, 12 grams, babel, the night buffalo.
love, love, LOVE this guy. mexican power.
i might need a new wallpaper for inspiration.

frank slade

“Have you ever buried your nose in a mountain of curls… just wanted to go to sleep forever? Or lips… and when they touched, yours were like… that first swallow of wine… after you just crossed the desert. Tits. Hoo-ah! Big ones, little ones, nipples staring right out at ya, like secret searchlights. Mmm. Legs. I don’t care if they’re Greek columns… or secondhand Steinways. What’s between ’em… passport to heaven.”

One of the best movie dialogues ever. I love Scent of a Woman.

virgin suicides

sofia copolla had just welshed her status in my heart.

how can anyone create something so ripen and sincere like lost in translation,
at the same time, so infantile and shallow like virgin suicides.

oh wait, come to think of it, maybe it isn’t the directing or cuts. but the theme itself.
makes me see the intensity of my hate for teenage romance movies. can’t stand that fuck.

kristen dunst presence didn’t make it a pound better.
good waste of 1.5 hour of my time.


ps: crying game wasn’t splendid either. 2 bad movies in a row sucks.


mikael simpson