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Category: music

james blake

what the good shit man, what the.


local natives …

a worthy haul for mention!
reminds me of yeasayer.


another must get for 2010?
shit …

these new puritians

sometimes, i hate it when albums grow into me, makes me feel obliged to buy them.
these new puritans, broken bells, four tet … oh fuck.
i foresee a big hole in my pocket in the name of transcendent support, or whatever you call that …

and yes, i should really be properly categorizing my post. previous few was quite um … fucked.
k time to satisfy the egypto-phile in me, buaizxxxzxz.

am i …

that much of a scary guy?
from the spread of words that eventually got back to me, it would seem so :/

but really, i perceive myself to be a nice, innocent guy with less than two pounds of schemes up my sleeves.

time to start loving me and approach me with less caution.
i love you guys too ^^

nice song in exchange with your generous acceptance …

two door cinema club