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Month: October, 2010

douglas adams

“Religion doesn’t seem to work like that. It has certain ideas at the heart of it, which we call sacred or holy. What it means is here is an idea or a notion that you’re not allowed to say anything bad about. You’re just not. Why not? Because you’re not. (Laughter) Why should it be that it’s perfectly legitimate to support the Republicans or Democrats, this model of economics versus that, Macintosh instead of Windows, but to have an opinion about how the universe began, about who created the universe — no, that’s holy. So, we’re used to not challenging religious ideas and it’s very interesting how much of a furor Richard creates when he does it. Everybody gets absolutely frantic about it, because you’re not allowed to say these things, yet when you look at it rationally there is no reason why those ideas shouldn’t be as open to debate as any other, except that we’ve agreed somehow between us that they shouldn’t be.”


is missing school

shihao is missing school and his awesome ngee ann friends.

tonight’s gonna be a long looooooong night for neurons building.

blame is like a force

the title says it all.

i consider myself a fine man in my ability to understand most systems and mechanics behind the teenager culture, but the big idea of blame and it’s position is one of the few things that i have never had a good grasp on. it would seem that whenever shit storm stirs, somebody has to be accounted for. nobody will ever ever ever say, “that just happened, nobody wanted it, let’s move on.” somebody has to be fucking accounted for. rather than being ticked off by the trend, more times than not i am left scratching my head and wondering the incentives that’s ever produced my blame, which translate to none. it’s weird, be it to wallow in your own tears of self blame or shoving the blame down the throats of others, blame is equivalent to how we define force in grade school physics, it’s something that can neither be destroyed or created, it has to travel all around our social spectrum until we all agree it has found it’s befitting place, and it fucking stays there. not that i am advocating the negation of responsibility and penalty against negligence, but to put things into perspective, what the fuck does blame exactly do? everytime? it’s no game of modern warfare or politics, and we are not living in the fucking urban jungle, but before the faces of people we love. on circumstances, maybe the position of blame has to dwindle.

food for thought


here we go again.

If the raining embarrassment from the rational response team wasn’t enough for kirk and his stubborn friends to bury their heads and soil their hair, say hi to the latest desperate attempt in attack atheism. gathering clips of blithe atheist and compiling them into a grade school mockery.

Now watch the video and return. Oh and do beware of unfragmented, complex sentences and improper prepositions.

It wouldn’t take more than a finch of muscle to debunk the stupidity of the posed question. following the initiated logic of all creations must have a creator, the obvious route of argument would simply to retort, “So who created god?”. But since creationist are heavy practitioners of selective reading and takes the bible as an indispensable encyclopedia, it inevitable for claims of God to be omnipotent and therefore do not need a creator to be spouted out from their mouths within a quarter of a second. And reaching this conclusion, further logical penetration into the thick skull of creationist will be futile and all later arguments will be voided for their lack of critical neurons.

Therefore, for the benefit of utmost stupidity, an alternate and more complex route must be taken to guarantee them speechless.
For similar raging atheist, here’s a script you can use to answer similar questions.

First of all, the ubiquitous misconception on the word “atheist”. By definition, an atheist is a person with an absence of belief that a higher being exists. an atheist, is not a person that does not believe in God and on top of so, fully embrace the theory of evolution. True that most atheist are lovers of Darwin but even so, by being an atheist it does not oblige anyone to be staunch on any theory with regards to the conception of universe. therefore, to link atheism with the ToE(theory of evolution) the question is fundamentally flawed.

Second, attacking on the fundamentals again. Creation in this context suggest creativity, which requires an emotional intent, which requires a certain intelligence and finally the ability to act. a more appropriate statement would probably be, nothing became something. became, not created.

Thirdly, even if all interviewed atheist are indeed obliging evolutionist, and hundreds years from now the theory of evolution is fully debunked, it does not automatically elevate a creationistic explanation (and a abrahmic version no less) into it’s place in biological sciences. In simpler terms for the idiots, the idea of creationism shouldn’t be taken as default. and when rightfully it isn’t so, the falsification of evolution does not make creationism true.

Fourth and the last, the beauty of science. It’s cliche it’s typical and i will hate to quote einstein but here it is, “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science.” Yes, the fucking mystery. Ask any honest scientist and every of them will commit they do not have a complete idea on how the universe was created. For kids who spent minutes reading random wikipedia article everyday, the big bang theory doesn’t count, so spare me your shit.

Science and technology as seemingly powerful as it is today, still lacks a margin in making sense of our existence. However, we do have concrete biological evidence on ToE and the beauty of so should be celebrated. It’s an ounce of clue capable of tracking our existence and precisely the motivation of science. To learn more about our surrounding with brains, brains, brains and brains then eventually breakthroughs. To judge critically, to have faith or be religious in any manner, it’s akin to jogging on spot along the path of science.

To conclude, let’s put it this way, the iphone does not exist because of god, it exist because scientist and engineers made it possible.

So yeah, for the last time i hope, fuck creationism, intelligent design and anything else related. Other than that, I pray that on my way to town tomorrow, a member of CHC/NCC/or anything for that manner approaches me and poses the similar question so I can completely destroy them, their parents and cognitive ability then make myself look god like.

K, not the time to fantasize, but sleep. BYE ^^

notes from underground

“Ha, ha, ha! You will be finding enjoyment in toothache
next,’ you cry, with a laugh.

‘Well, even in toothache there is enjoyment,’ I answer. I
had toothache for a whole month and I know there is. In
that case, of course, people are not spiteful in silence, but
moan; but they are not candid moans, they are malignant
moans, and the malignancy is the whole point. The enjoyment
of the sufferer finds expression in those moans; if he
did not feel enjoyment in them he would not moan. It is
a good example, gentlemen, and I will develop it. Those
moans express in the first place all the aimlessness of your
pain, which is so humiliating to your consciousness; the
whole legal system of nature on which you spit disdainfully,
of course, but from which you suffer all the same while she
does not. They express the consciousness that you have no
enemy to punish, but that you have pain; the consciousness
that in spite of all possible Wagenheims you are in complete
slavery to your teeth; that if someone wishes it, your
teeth will leave off aching, and if he does not, they will go
on aching another three months; and that finally if you are
still contumacious and still protest, all that is left you for
your own gratification is to thrash yourself or beat your
wall with your fist as hard as you can, and absolutely nothing


long before the word “economy” became ubiquitous even to the upper class, silently, the system of what we coin an economy today had been figured by a man living in a humble hamlet east of Scotland, using nothing but the keenest of observation. he used the past to explain the present, and the present to foresee the future. and he’s damm fucking right on everything he mingled on. say hi to the father of economics and capitalism. one of the most influential books ever, read it.

awesome quote

“I am the happiest man alive, I have that in me that can convert poverty to riches, adversity to prosperity, and I am more invulnerable than Archilles. Fortune hath not one place to hit me.” – Sir Thomas Brown

When you need a little inspiration on happiness, he’s the man you turn to.

you know …

you are obsessed with neuro science when you stare at your bed ridden grand dad wondering the precise activities that’s struggling in his brain. and when your relatives crowd near him upon the denouncement of the death of his brain, crying and moaning the things they wish they told during his healthy times, you pinch yourself to resist the urge of correcting “fuck it dumb asses, his brain is dead, in other words the auditory junction located left of the frontal lobe is dead, he can’t hear you!”

soon later, you retreat the ICU in heavy footsteps to get a cup of warm milo in prevention of undesired pantomime from stirring. and on the way to the vending machine, you start to wonder again, how differently shaped is my agmydala from the usual? deeply obsessed with your own thoughts, you accidentally scald hand with piping milo. finally, instead of exclaiming “fuck this!”, you immediately shout “fuck my cortical homunculus!”

true story.

that’s what happened when i visited my then nearly dying grandfather today. it’s evident oliver sacks and ramanchadran have quite an impact on me.


is actually pretty good. like joy division quality good.


you just can’t take it seriously cause it’s sung and composed by an Indian. not to mention the queer MV …

i am hard

i am hard on myself
i am hard on my family
i am hard on my friends
i am hard on strangers
i am hard with every word
i am hard with every saccade
i am hard with every allegation
i am hard with every tone
i am hard with my brain
i am hard with my stupidity
i type this with a hard cock, please suck it to ease my pain of being hard.

yesterday was an awesome night ruined by 15mins of critical thinking. gg.