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Month: July, 2010

what i think …

life is one big fucking experiment, we draw up hypothesis and venture our beliefs.
sometimes we do well in mixing the right chemicals, more times than not, we don’t.
and the resources to embark these experiments don’t come easy, mostly painful to earn but easy to go.
we pay them on all forms and level, not just through cash, or things we presume as assets,
but even precious camaraderie we polished for years, we unknowingly fuck them to pursue believes, trust me.
there’s no one way solution in winning the game, for the right chemicals to blend.
not necessarily the best, but most exhilarating way of liberty would surely be “don’t stop trying.”
yes, fuck judgments and paranoia. inwards or outwards.
it’s either you dominate it, or screw it up. fence sitting through your life? fuck you.
keep experimenting, keep failing, keeping fucking.
when success is so far beyond that a binoculars can’t reach it, pick up a bag of heroin and a barrel of bullets.



there’s a canal of snot inside my nostrils, my throat is suffering from bad drought, eyes look as if they are on the brink of menstruating and finally, my entire body is sore as fuck for a reason i am still trying to figure, backneck especially.

it’s official, i am down with flu. quite a bad one i presume.
sick for the first time this year? fair enough.

been trying to sleep for the past 2hrs but to no avail, to no avail.
if nyquils were available locally, i not mind drag my tensed body over a stretch of 5miles to procure it.
but fuck the paranoia on drug control.

now, slight insomnia wouldn’t be much of a problem if my attention span stays the same, but evidently, fuck no.
my body’s all tensed up and the constant leaking of snotty pipes forces me to literally dunk my head into the basin every now and then.
relaxing to enjoy a 120minutes movie without interruption? harder than cumming with mental will.

i know i sound so much like a whiner but cranky me is truly cranky today.
only beheading two dozen of toddlers will help me sleep. three maybe.

edit: not my magical moment but my spontaneously, by reviewing my situation, it reminds me of this song,
don’t ask me why, it’s harder to explain than quantum physics.

when it comes to corniness in MVs, the sky isn’t the limit, pluto is.

something …

it’s nearing 6am in the morning, and to curb my urge to masturbate, i decided to post my list of top 5 most fuckable woman and why. fictional ones and anime characters included.
i don’t know why am i doing this or how will this work but for one reason or another, i know it will. here we go!

5th: Amelie from Amelie

Yes, i know. It’s probably worse than inappropriate to have erotic desires on a girl with more than 51 awards hidden beneath her skirt. But fuck, I don’t give a shit. The more self important this girl is, the more justice, love and fate bullshit she clings on only makes me want to fuck her more, and hell yeah I mean it. Amelia the altruistic girl, completely fuckable. Also, waitresses turns me on.

4th: Tsukino from Yakitate Japan

Now, since all you read are doujins that features either Haruhi, or Shana or the more recently worshiped Mio, chances are you won’t know who the fuck Tsukino is. But i do, and she is one fine lady. Yakitate Japan being a shounen manga generically lacks of female characters, and thank god that Tsukino’s in it. Her gap, fills in the gap, for the lack of gap, know what i mean lol? Sick jokes aside, back to business … Shameful to admit, I used to be a filthy otaku(take note of my adjectives), and for me to be picking tsukino as my number 1 most fuckable anime character, the reason is packed as shit. don’t question. And preferably, i want to drill her in that baker uniform.

3rd: Diane from Trainspotting

The best damm thing that happened in this drug flick other than the subject itself? Yes, Diane. Though her role was less than 15mins in the entire film(the fucking part and bouncing of tits included), Diane, is easily the female protagonist in this show. Her contributions to spin the plot? None. But is there any woman I want to fuck other than Diane in the show, once again, fucking none. There you go. And when a girl transform a simple pickup line to a debate then drags you home to fuck her straight after, that’s what I call personality. I want and like that personality. Diane, I don’t even care if she has a dick, I just wanna fuck her. Oh, and did I mention she’s 15 and from a very prestigious school? Turns me on.

2nd: Evey from V for Vendetta

Natalie Portman? I don’t give a fuck. I want my Evey. You see, I have a thing for smart, strong willed and most importantly, valorous girls. Evey? She nails all criterias right on the head. And for a girl to be one of the key masterminds behind a historical revolution, what more do you need? Additionally, for a girl to be is all entangled in politics WITHOUT being a feminist, oh fuck, 9th wonder in the world anyone? You know what I like about V for Vendetta? Not Guy Fawkes and his pretentious lines, fuck him. The part I enjoyed most is when Evey gets “imprisoned”, forced to eat her own bowels and that glittery yet determined eyes as she gets SHAVED(not down there). If the above doesn’t make you want to fuck her, you must be either gay or lying.

1st: Fabienne from Pulp Fiction

By now, you must be scratching your head thinking, “I watched that movie twice and who the fuck is Fabienne?” Don’t feel bad about it, her name was hardly mentioned. Fabienne is the girl brushing her teeth while Butch dries his hairy crotch. Remember now? The girl that Butch almost threw a television at for forgetting his watch. Good, now you remember. Next, what is she doing sitting at the top of my list? I don’t know, I really don’t Not trying to fuck with you buddy but that’s precisely why, I don’t know. She bears all fucking traits that I normally hate. Slow, dreamy, muddleheaded, insecured and can’t stop questioning on the trivial. Still, I love and want to fuck her. Hardly decent looking when placed among the babes of Hollywood but there’s just this unfathomable charisma that makes me wanna URGHHHHHH. Oh, and remember her conversation with Butch regarding pot bellies? Yeah, a girl that yearns for a bigger belly. Definitely unconventional and very very very fuckable.

There you go. 5 most fuckable fictional characters. I know it’s crude, I am waiting for you to judge me, I am off to sleep.

woody allen

“The man who said “I’d rather be lucky than good” saw deeply into life. People are afraid to face how great a part of life is dependent on luck. It’s scary to think so much is out of one’s control. There are moments in a match when the ball hits the top of the net, and for a split second, it can either go forward or fall back. With a little luck, it goes forward, and you win. Or maybe it doesn’t, and you lose.”

Chris Wilton – Matchpoint

Sorry, dialogues overload.

another! <3

See, I wouldn’t think that about you.

Why wouldn’t you think that about me?

Oh. I don’t know. I was just… I don’t
know. I was… You seemed nice, so ‐‐

Now I’m nice? Don’t you know any other
adjectives? There’s careless and snotty
and overbearing and argumentative…

Well, anyway… Sorry.

They sit in silence for a while.

I just don’t think “nice” is a
particularly interesting thing to be.

The conductor enters the car.


Joel hands the conductor his ticket. The conductor punches
it and hands it back.

What is nice, anyway? I mean, besides an
adjective? I guess it can be an adverb,
sort of.

The conductor turns to Clementine. She fishes in her bag.

It doesn’t reveal anything. Nice is
pandering. Cowardly.

And life is more interesting than that.
Or should be. Jesus God, I hope it is…

(to conductor)
I know it’s here.

The conductor and Joel watch as she gets more agitated.

I don’t need nice. I don’t need myself
to be it and I don’t need anyone else to
be it at me.


eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

Guess what I’m wearing.

I don’t know. Panties and ‐‐

Your dried cum.


You’re still excited by my irreverence.
You haven’t yet started to think of it as
my “gratuitous need to shock.”

I can’t stop thinking about you.

Kaufman is a bigger genius than Nolan.


disclaimer: believe it or not, there are no spoilers. ALMOST NO SPOILERS.

yes, the new witty and as well, mind boggling blockbuster of this summer.
making the complexity of shutter island look no deeper than three little pigs.

nolan did well in living up to his film making forte, to trigger(maybe collapse in the case of inception) the mind.
not just in highly acclaimed memento, but in his latest superhero sequel as well, the dark knight.
however, perhaps to showcase his adaptability in so, the degree and class of self interrogation was entirely different for all three films.

in memento, audiences were forced to deal with it’s chaotic chronological order right from the start.
in TDK, much more subtly, moral questioning through christian bale’s dark dialogues with our favourite villains.
and in inception, “ostensibly” indicated by the spinning totem, just where in the blue hell is cobb at right before the credits roll?

now, for the first two films, the answers aren’t direct, but i believe, they are at least tangible and within the audience’s reach.
for inception? hell no. hell fucking no.
mind you, it’s science fiction not science. there can be carefully crafted complete hypothesis from astute assumptions but ultimately, where do these speculation link to? nowhere. no experiments to play with, sorry.
except for ego parades conducted by nerds taking a break from their physics revision.

unless the man himself speaks for the movie and clarify doubts, which he almost certainly, wouldn’t.
all “smart” and “deep” speculations will be for the waste basket and your own abyss of morbid thoughts.

so yep.
here’s a loud malicious laugh for any dumbfucks prepared to read another self important post in scrutinizing the movie.
we have enough of those on TEH INTERNETZ already, for speculations are like resilient parasite lol blah blah blah you know …

so what is this post exactly other than a galore of inappropriately used prepositions?
it’s a heavy downpour on the nerds parade, my parade.
in short, i wrote this to stop myself from being stupid. to stop thinking.

still, any questions about inception, ask me. i should know.
not to portray the “intellectual” side of me for ego fueling purpose but genuinely, to help.

ps: actually, this was intended to be yet another long winded speculation on the whole movie. but my egoistic side kept me from joining the horde of sci fi nerds, which in turn became a childish sermon on “why the fuck are you stupid for thinking too much”. my ego wrote it subconsciously, i swear.

pss: i wonder if any sane man understands what i just wrote lol. nvm.


i love stroking the fur of a cat as much as your sister does but i still find it hard giving an ounce of shit about animal cruelty.
not when i just had 2 double cheeseburger minutes ago, just can’t get past my compunctions of rationality.

with that disclaimer made clear, here’s some compliment, then request to our friendly russian beach boys.

*clears throat*

you fuckers are epic, 1million views on youtube under 4days, well done.
fear nothing from self important animal activist, i heard dunkin donuts are expanding their franchise over to russia and that should cops busy.
meanwhile, if any of you are plotting an epic scheme of flying another animal up in the air, please please please make it an elephant.
i know these fuckers are heavy as shit, endangered and crazily protected by dumbo fans but damm, seeing an elephant blast off in the air would be more epic than justin bieber blowing zac efron. it’s worth the effort, trust me.
also, if possible, please kill a thousand seagulls and weld their weather to it’s skin before throwing it in air, that will be nicer than the auora boreallis.

so yep, here’s my humble request from me just in case any of stalin’s grandson reads my blog.

point made.
peace, fuck, bye.

beautiful dialogues

You know what I’m trying to say.
I want you to like me for who I
am, not just what I can do for

But that is who you are. I’ve
never met anyone like you. Action
is character, our English teacher

What does that mean?

I think it means that if we never
did anything, we wouldn’t be
anybody. And I never did anything
before I met you. And sometimes I
think no-one’s ever done anything
in this stupid country, apart
from you.

You get that rush of brilliance when you read them and think, “I can write this. Maybe.”

smart shit …

what a cheap shot at ego dripping vessels aka men.
marketing at it’s finest and most experimental.
albeit being far from that sucker that hugs adrenaline pumped movies,
the trailer’s taunts might just prove strong enough to rob a weekend ticket out from my wallet.

men loves blatant honesty, and this trailer proves it.
when it comes to movies we know we are shallow explosion yearning fucks and have no shame admitting so.
women keep their pussies sweating under their skirts while claiming the “art” behind twilight.