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Category: rants

cool story bro …

a: you put one coin i put one coin.
b: orh … *put coin*
a: *take coin from my hand and put*
b: wtf, i thought you say you going to put one coin?
a: no ah, i say i take your coin and put what.
b: …

k anyway, new handphone strap for $2 from tikam tikam ❤
nothing speaks louder about moi GAY-NESSSS …

as unwillingly as possible, going back to school for “glow” now. (n)
bounce bounce bounce …


time …

0900 ~ 1900
yellow = work
red = school
white = free

weekly, i will have …
23 hrs of school
14 hrs of work
12 hrs of free time.

am i looking forward to this?
eh .. not sure lol

fyodor dostoyevsky

i am back.
back back back to reading world literature.
here’s my new love!
considering the number of pages, a flame that will probably last one week or more.
oh dear, i love dostoyevsky.

my blog is not cool.

no doubt.

for it to be, the words to photos proportion should be at least 20:1.
in other words, for every 20words typed, there should be at least one self taken picture to ornament the text.
don’t ask me why, it’s the trend.

just being random

PS: and yes, this post is a failure once again without at least three pictures to support it.

a new life.

a new life will be starting for me, or so i suspect, if i am a closer.
one that isn’t celebrated, accepted and even condoned by the consensus.
but it will be good fun and social dynamics will be explored, not in the environment that you’ve imagined.
something i have always wanted to do much after reading on behavioral economics.
but i am no dan ariely or dennet for that matter, i don’t hold PHDs or any of that kind under my belts.
my solution? to search for like minded warriors and crash the dark, sleazy alleys!
if welfare were to mean security then i detest it, by a fucking huge magnitude.
i need challenges! where my adrenaline oozes with ominous signs of insults and ridicules rushing towards me!
money will be spent(thank god for half year of work), egos will be busted and shit will be learned.
watch me, watch me well.

the best damm plan ever …

He wanted to return to Eastern Europe, find two young bisexual women searching for a better life overseas, and seduce them. He planned to get them student visas, take them back to Canada, and train them to become strippers, girlfriends, and, eventually, magic assistants.

i loled.

am i …

that much of a scary guy?
from the spread of words that eventually got back to me, it would seem so :/

but really, i perceive myself to be a nice, innocent guy with less than two pounds of schemes up my sleeves.

time to start loving me and approach me with less caution.
i love you guys too ^^

nice song in exchange with your generous acceptance …

hi sir, here’s a new word for you.

in conjunction with the widespread and increasing flexibility of the term “mind fucked”, it should be time for us netizens to play those words succinctly while keeping it as an exclusive viral quip.
to spark the playful air, what i suggest is, to simply hammer the expression down by taking the first and last two initials of both words accordingly and coin it as “mick-ed” altogether.

for example.

Joe: hey, how are things between you and that redhead?
John: don’t ask, i a mick-ed currently.


Peter: how was the conversation between you and sally last night?
Tom: completely mick-ing. wtf does she want from me …

just a silly idea of mine but just like any other geek, i too hope that one day “mick-ed” will become viral, or more ambitiously, recognized by lexicographers.
with that said, if possible, do aid me in my dream and spread the idea. TIA n BB.

PS:  my long complex sentences must be more irritating than kanye west.


妈:问你戏好看吗 …


i love my mum

unable to stand the dust accumulated by it, this morning, my mum decided it’s time to migrate that rusty, cob webbed ps2 of mine into the cupboard drawer.
and after making several attempts to squeeze it in, she kind of realized that the drawer is too vertically narrow to contain it.
but hey! knowing her for 18yrs, i knew nothing can possibly stop her determination of putting any unused items out from her sight.
her resolution in overcoming the obstacle?


yes, your eyes aren’t fooling you in anyway.
she mercilessly detached the top cover from my ps2 and i guess she’s proud of it.
if it’s not for me idling on bed and checking out awesome things to play with in my room i wouldn’t have realised it.
btw, as there’s like a metal strip thing connecting the top cover from the ps2 driver, i can no longer switch it on.
in short, my PS2 is fucking dead.

BEST OF ALL, when i confronted her about my more than fucked up ps2, here’s her answer.

sad shihao is sad.
no more random tekken sessions from now on
REST IN PIECES, my decade long friend. 😦

PS: but really, i still love my mum. rather than feeling pissed, i am more like laughing over it lulz.