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Month: April, 2010

the past 5 days

it almost one week since i updated on exactly what the shit i have been doing in details.
so for LOL and reminiscence purposes in the near future, i shall.

here’s what that happened during the past 5 days, or at least it’s everything that i can remember …

wednesday:  struggled to stay awake during norman’s class, marathoned “EotE”, screwed around with maya and slacked in BGZ till 5? or something? can’t remember if i went out with anyone … probably not.

thursday: loved this day for various reason. went through a lesson that involves incest and greek philosophy in the morning. chill for like 2hrs at BGZ. had not very good lunch but awesome shit movie at JP (go fucking watch shutter island ty). adopted a new pet on my way home.

friday: had some sort of “biography” lesson in the morning, listened to a decent man boast about his diplomatic working experience. was once again reminded that i have a completely unfriendly face, met new IS friends. contemplated hard if i should go glow, finally did but escaped from CC within 15mins. meet up with the girls again and had late night macdonals.

saturday: woke up early to cook spaghetti. ran out of chicken stock which resulted in a semi fail sauce. went town, played 2hrs tekken and followed felix to get his high tier armani belt. wanted to watch “kick ass” initially but later considered the gayness of 2 guys watching late night movie. this entire time, i can’t stop staring at my pants and it’s awkward zip design …

sunday: woke up, read, slept, wokeup, slept again. woke up for the final time and watched msryu 2 gen cream everybody in some epic mishima showcase at japan. this spurred me to play tekken and traveled to zf house without questions. messed around with roger till 11 and had my worse meal of the week at 313.

monday aka today: the most happening and tiring among the entire week. woke up late and left poor sheryl at work alone. bus 61 mind fucked me by making me wait 45mins, almost feel down like twice on my way to school thanks to my frictionless flip flops. suffered from minor mood swing for being unable to find any lunch buddy. felt helpless yet lazy during eric’s lesson, did everything except the constructive. went back to BGZ, played shadow hunters with 5 other freshies. it was considerably fun, but arif owned all of us on our way out. at 9, went XMM’s house for VID help, did what i could, ate char grilled bar and went home.

that’s all.
i just had the urge to type, don’t mind me.




another must get for 2010?
shit …

cool story bro …

a: you put one coin i put one coin.
b: orh … *put coin*
a: *take coin from my hand and put*
b: wtf, i thought you say you going to put one coin?
a: no ah, i say i take your coin and put what.
b: …

k anyway, new handphone strap for $2 from tikam tikam ❤
nothing speaks louder about moi GAY-NESSSS …

as unwillingly as possible, going back to school for “glow” now. (n)
bounce bounce bounce …

sssscchhhoooollll …

it’s 2 in the morning, just had 5hrs of sleep and now my biological clock is telling me that’s enough for the day. time to fucking wake up and watch some porn or something …
for that, let’s be generous with our applaud for my irregular sleeping hours during the holidays.

school has started, and it’s probably a great start.
enjoyed myself tremendously during the past two days, mainly thanks to the BGZ aka my comfort zone.
i swear someone had put up an invisible psychic force field that filters out stress at the main entrance, that place is more warm and fuzzy than ever!
was initially skeptical about the liveliness of that place after the more “happening” seniors have left but after today and yesterday, my worries are pretty much neutralized.
stayed within this force field till 7 for both days for good reasons and had great fun with arif, nat and sheryl.
mainly shit talking and harrowing of problems, not mine anyway lol.
arif feels pretty much the name, interesting guy that’s fun in poking fun off.
and nat and sheryl? i wasn’t this close with them before but not till today, after hearing nat whine to us and after i accompanied sheryl to get something private at timah plaza and exchange our inputs regarding BGR, i am really starting to see them as my little sisters! but again, that’s with the assumption that i am of any maturity at all.
i was quite “bawwwww ~” today after hearing nat says she’s starting to really enjoy working with that heartless and scary skinny guy.
not that it’s any great of an compliment but probably the nicest thing someone said to me this year. (y)

oh! not to mention about the newbies! three new workers have came in, michelle, jj and kristin.
michelle, she knew most of us for 1yr already, she’s familiar with the surrounding, so yep she’s fine as she is.
as for jj and kristin, i hope that by the end of this year, or even sem, they will start to see the BGZ as their comfort zone as how i see it.
and oh ya, i was abit “WTF-ed” when kristin says she knows how to play a new card game called “Bang” today, i swear that shit is one of the most complicated card games i have played. amazing shit.
jj is coping well with shit as well, not that it’s of any great importance to his job since the option of dismissing anyone with the words “please read the instruction manual” is there but still, i think he knows at least 15~20 game by now thanks to my training during the holidays.

only outside of class, i have been in a talkative mood lately.
more times than not, initiating to teach new games. taught at least 8 ~ 10 groups during the past two days but more significantly, had fun with two freshies before school even officially started and a large group of almost 12 a new game today.
as cheesy as this may sound, feels like my hardwork pays off when i hear laughter or even rowdiness spread across the room. (y)
of course, not everyone is that keen in learning and there will always be fucktards that return the game and exchange for something cliche just minutes after teaching but oh well, i can’t control what i can’t and shan’t be that judgmental either.
oh, and the 28 brand new games is almost like an essential installment. i am starting to wonder how did we even survive without those games for the previous sem lol.
and ya, to brag a little, i feel that my eloquence is starting to grow (y)

k, i am down with linguistically frolicking around the BGZ, time to move on the the more umm .. boring.

afterall, i am a student and i can’t avoid school.
day 1 of school was alright, with eric coming in to tell his usual nice stories about website designing followed by a 1k word report on stevenlim and sebastiantan.
the 1k word essay left many sweating but i did my forte and retreated to my “comfort zone” ASAP.
but day 2 of school? FUCK! programming is back to haunt me, or us.
i don’t know nuts about whatever the teacher is teaching on the board, tried to concentrate for the first 1hr but later, *baaam*, it killed me.
so to say, at the current stage, that shit is more antagonizing than worrying for me. it’s like cryptology, one that others can briefly decipher but when it comes to me, i am like a piece of umm … burnt coal. angry and dumb.
i felt like a complete fucktard during the full 4hrs of class today, covering my face with my hoodie at many times, and eventually left my mind pondering on some philiosphy paper regarding oscar wilde that i read last night.
arghh, my classmates seems nice, the BGZ is fucking awesome but schoolwork simply sucks. or rather, i suck for not paying attention last year.
i have to rely on miss sim again.
and speaking of miss sim, i hope she’s coping well at the other side of the river.
not so much about school work since she just boasted about her director’s list cert to me yesterday, but more about her social definition in class. yep yep.
felt a little “heart sour” for her today somewhere inbetween lesson but i trust her maturity to brace through shitstorm (y)

that’s all for school and work i guess.
lazy to go through my reading progress for there’s practically none these few days zzz …

time …

0900 ~ 1900
yellow = work
red = school
white = free

weekly, i will have …
23 hrs of school
14 hrs of work
12 hrs of free time.

am i looking forward to this?
eh .. not sure lol

fyodor dostoyevsky

i am back.
back back back to reading world literature.
here’s my new love!
considering the number of pages, a flame that will probably last one week or more.
oh dear, i love dostoyevsky.

my blog is not cool.

no doubt.

for it to be, the words to photos proportion should be at least 20:1.
in other words, for every 20words typed, there should be at least one self taken picture to ornament the text.
don’t ask me why, it’s the trend.

just being random

PS: and yes, this post is a failure once again without at least three pictures to support it.

my life narrated

friday night was failure despite how nicely dressed and confident i was.
a failure that can’t be sensibly reasoned nor excused. a failure that can only be attributed to my fear and pettiness.
thank god for gerald and junjie’s accompany for me to shake off my inward embarrassment and anger brewed from reflection.
we spent the night wandering aimlessly, went everywhere, even considered east coast and finally settled down at holland V.
chilled, talked about zharbo, drank 1pine of erdinger followed by some infuriating mild russian vodka.
it was 4am, without a single drop of booze left, our “jiaowei” topic was drying out, my eyelids feels as if they were stuffed with tampons, i have to sleep.
took NR8 home, knocked myself out 10seconds after closing my eyelids, the next time i opened it, i was 2 stops ahead of my destination. “fuck this shit” i thought.
walked 15mins back home and forcefully reminded myself to set my alarm for tomorrow’s event, i did so.
and for extra precaution, i even messaged a couple of my friends to spam call me just in case alcohol stubbornly pinned me to my bed.
i closed my eyes, killed myself seconds after.

thanks to dear alarm, it’s 11.30 the next day i woke up.
didn’t have much time to waste before i get going to bugis. threw on a polo tee and made my way there.
as the organiser, i was more than happy to see the LCDs already set up-ed upon reaching.
it means one item striked off the list, 9 more to go.
pestered TKA to set up the PA system and hazily did the registration.
all the teams came by 2 and we are half way there for the tourney to be successful.
i admit, the organizing and calling of teams was abit slow initially but eventually we speed up.
noobken was there dominating the atmosphere with his corny and slightly offensive jokes, he saved my throat.
winsly on the other hand, was more than free to help us out with the drawing of brackets and recording of results.
overall, it was more hectic than troublesome for the organizers. thank god that most of the teams moved fast enough.
the only thing that irked me consistently was my sore legs from walking around last night.

as for my gameplay, i played decently. played 7games in total, won 5 and lost 2 of them.
didn’t perform exceptionally but didn’t played like shit either. won all the matches that i am supposed to.
in the end, we got 5th. not a number we are happy with but to be fair, it was pretty much predictable.
at one moment, sean beasted through one of the best teams in the tourney and at another, he lost to some random xiaoyu player that he should have handled comfortably.
marcus? oh, he lived up to all our hopes and did badly lol.

and to rant abit …
at one point of time we had more than 200 people watching. but at the finals, we had barely 20.
pardon me for complaining but really, this evidently shows that arcade community is less than supportive.
i thank everyone for taking part but they could have at least stayed till the finals and cheered on.
for me, that was undeniably disappointing.
if any, the cheering and jeering was hardly audible as well. this will probably be my last tourney ever.
counted the coins, gave out what we had to and headed to LJS. i was starving.

irritated by tekken and our mediocre results, we headed home instead of the arcade.
hardly ever, i left my headphones in my bag during the lengthy bus trip and thought about lots of shit pertaining to life on my way back.
as usual, i mind fucked myself for 1hrs plus and ran(literally) home to sleep.
however, sleep wasn’t good enough to save me from my morbid mental state, as the chinese saying goes, 日有所思夜有所梦, my dream was again, fucked up.
now i have woken up, typing this shit, lazy to research on more reading material, friend’s bday party was canceled, i am bored to my bones and craving good company to watch “youth in revolt”.


a new life.

a new life will be starting for me, or so i suspect, if i am a closer.
one that isn’t celebrated, accepted and even condoned by the consensus.
but it will be good fun and social dynamics will be explored, not in the environment that you’ve imagined.
something i have always wanted to do much after reading on behavioral economics.
but i am no dan ariely or dennet for that matter, i don’t hold PHDs or any of that kind under my belts.
my solution? to search for like minded warriors and crash the dark, sleazy alleys!
if welfare were to mean security then i detest it, by a fucking huge magnitude.
i need challenges! where my adrenaline oozes with ominous signs of insults and ridicules rushing towards me!
money will be spent(thank god for half year of work), egos will be busted and shit will be learned.
watch me, watch me well.

the best damm plan ever …

He wanted to return to Eastern Europe, find two young bisexual women searching for a better life overseas, and seduce them. He planned to get them student visas, take them back to Canada, and train them to become strippers, girlfriends, and, eventually, magic assistants.

i loled.