Humour is degenerating

… and shitty memes are responsible for it.

There was a time when “humour sites” actually bothered to be both original and funny(and thankfully some still are: theOnion, XKCD, TheOatMeal) to generate web traffic and earn the revenue they deserve but nobody gives a shit now. Why? Because they don’t have to. Because people think that memes and giflist is the pinnacle of humour and fuck everything else. And for referencing to be mistaken as humour is degenerative towards humour itself and makes my skin fucking crawl. What do I mean by that?

Okay, imagine this, you are out with a group of friends in town and suddenly, one of the guys decides showcase his gigantic balls in order to impress his crush by slowly strolling through the traffic despite the light being red. And one of the other guys in the group reacts by saying, “Oh look! We have a badass over here”, the group bursts into hysteria. Now, it’s a matter of fact that the group did laugh but that’s beside the point, we should ask, WHY did the group laugh? Because A) The comment is original and witty and aptly applied or B) It’s a goddamm reference that they understand. I’ll let you decide the answer.

A picture of Picard “facepalming” isn’t funny neither is a picture of Nicholas Cage when someone states the obvious or worse still, being told to Keep Calm and blahblahblah. But that’s not all, going through a list of wacky gifs with one liner captions isn’t funny either. Sorry, just because you are staring at the screen with a silly grin plastered on our face still doesn’t make it funny. You are simply entertained because you could relate to it, which is yet another form of referencing. So fuck that as well.

We are hopelessly drifting into an age where referencing alone is funny and it’s a trend that none of us should be proud of.

PS: It may aghast you to think that I am effectively whining about other people being happy by cheap and lazy humour but I don’t care because I am NOT happy 😡