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Month: April, 2016

The Seventh Seal

		Look how he howls again. 

		Maybe I love her.

		So, maybe you love her! Then, you poor 
		misguided ham shank, I'll tell you that love is 
		another word for lust, plus lust, plus lust 
		and a damn lot of cheating, falseness, lies and 
		all kinds of other fooling around. 

		Yes, but it hurts anyway.

		Of course. Love is the blackest of all plagues, 
		and if one could die of it, there would be 
		some pleasure in love. But you almost always 
		get over it. 

		No, no, not me.

		Yes, you too. There are only a couple of poor 
		wretches who die of love once in a while. Love 
		is as contagious as a cold in the nose. It eats 
		away at your strength, your independence, your 
		morale, if you have any. If everything is 
		imperfect in this imperfect world, love is most 
		perfect in its perfect imperfection.

		You're happy, you with your oily words, and, 
		besides, you believe your own drivel.

		Believe! Who said that I believed it? But I 
		love to give good advice. If you ask me for 
		advice you'll get two pieces for the price of 
		one, because after all I really am an educated 

The inconvenience called life

I have nice hobbies, I like my job, and I love my friends and family. However, I wake up every morning feeling like absolute shit because I am shit. More specifically, a 24 year old underachieving piece of shit. There’s more I can do and I know it. My mantra: contentment and happiness are the enemies of progress and eventual greatness. As painful as it is, I wake up every morning making a conscious choice of pursuing the latter two than the former. At the stage of my life, it’s absolutely fine not to be happy. Why? Because I haven’t done anything deserving of happiness anyway. Work hard and work smart and maybe I will feel better about myself someday. I hope.