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Month: September, 2010

talks and more talks

had awesome talks with two of my distinct friends over the past 2days. love healthy conflicts in views and darting opinions across the table top. the two days will be rooted in my memories as a milestone that transformed me. more fog has cleared as to what i want and what can i do to reach there. not that clear directions are provided on their part, but i guess it’s the lifting of mental burden that has been harping me for long. time to feel and be productive.

and yes, i fucking sound like gay. let’s hope fuck is strong enough a word to erase that impression.

ps: i knew it! all girls are only reservedly salacious lol!



there was once a girl told me she never had the most minor of interest in graphic designing. but now she’s riding smooth on the waves to so, she can’t help but exert a certain degree of scrutiny on every inch of an innocuous bus stop advertisement and silently assess the slightest detail of every passing boutique logo. it might not be her will to function this direction, but with the principles of design deeply rooted within, it’s becoming of an inevitable habit, ingrained to judge because she knows.

moving to the crux of my tame story.

that’s how humans are. we learn, we think and therefore we judge. and on all subjects and levels in life, the alike practice applies. with books barricading the borders of my bed, i have become an impetuous jurist and i can’t ditch this grudging self torment.


this is good music

do you hate justin bieber?

6:20 in the morning. random thoughts about mr bieber in bulletin. hopefully this reaches 12. and yes, that’s a number pulled from thin air.

1. justin bieber hating gets on my nerves, i hate to visit youtube everyday feeling like it’s groundhog day.

2. there’s no line of difference between stupidity and stupidity. yes, i am referring to mr water bottle and his juvenile supporters.

3. bieber haters are hating him for they same reason they ought to hate themselves for, the lack of creativity.

4. there needs to be some regulation for the maximum number of haters an artiste can get. the world needs to be more dynamic in hating.

5. *bonus* the world needs to hate king of leon. they need to learn the cuisine behind bird shit.

6. i don’t see what is there to hate about bieber, he’s just a money making tool for his record. and in that sense, lady gaga and eminem is in a different league.

7. they all hate to admit it but a large part of bieber hating is merely a bandwagon party for unsecured kids to find solidarity.

8. people that calls justin bieber “gay” or “lesbian” should be sent to the bird park. they make great parrots.

9. *slightly related* i will love to see a detailed demographics on all of peter chao’s subscribers. i suspecting it’s average age is equivalent to a dog’s dick in inches.

10. bieber is like the hitler of the internet. nobody knows shit about him yet they just hate him. in that way, he’s awesome

11. i realize i can’t hit 12, so here is me cheating a little.

12. bieber is essentially what pop is about, building hypes. so see that door over there? on your right. yes, walk there and boycott the entirely business if you will.

conclusion is, i’d rather be friends with 11yr old girls that swoon over the nipple of bieber than his haters. not only because i am a pedophile but because at least they have an opinion. an opinion were to mean an insight/notion/judgment of your own.

time to be an idealist and watch more WSOP.

PS: wait … did i mention that phil ivey is overrated?


Woman are intuitive creatures, or rather, they are creatures that banks a large part of romance on it. They are linguistic and highly social creatures that’s genetically poor on structured subjects such as science or maths. True that most of them possess linguistic abilities to better express feelings than their counter parts but little do they realize these expression usually aren’t braced with substantial reasoning instead a hefty amount of contradiction.

Women uses the word “feeling” and “love” without understanding what it necessarily is, and sooner or later you will realize these are just convenient lexicons to coin enigmatic feelings. They claim they are seekers of genuine sincerity, yet they are on the constant edge of coveting fun. They want to feel warm and secured by their love ones, yet they desire chancy adventures that keep them on their toes. They want guys to be opinionated with strong life vocation, yet they hope their coequal to be sensitive towards their feelings. I have been rambling a burly sum of words, but rest assured this isn’t an opportunist entry to slam on women. What i am advocating is, regardless of what these ladies assert about their delicate tactile sense towards love and everything associated with it, they don’t know shit about themselves.

In the search for love, women are no heroes, merely lackadaisical hippies feigning conviction. With that rambled, unless you are atrociously rich or handsome, more times than not it doesn’t quite pay to be yourself on first meetings. And no, should I remind this is hardly a rant to scorn the game or an extensive post to smear my chauvinism. It’s a honest and practical advice telling men what they should do or avoid on first meetings, “being yourself.”, which biologically translate to a proud, horny monkey ever ready to spin the conversation into an epic battle of giant robots. In the game to avoid celibacy, being entirely yourself is the last thing you will want and need to do, you are shutting doors to potential romantic partners faster than africa kids die.

It takes secrecy, secrecy and more secrecy to trigger even an ounce of affection within them, do not expose who you really are, tempt them, be laconic. Read the conversation’s flow, amuse them with dumb jokes your beer friends will slap you for. Wear clothes that your buddies will deem as queer, for different does not necessarily equate to fashionable but at least that bright red cowboy hat is screaming for attention, it’s a direct suggestion of “hmmm, this guy might be fun.”

Finally, it’s one thing to be appear sociable, another to strip yourself entirely naked on first meetings. guys tend to do the latter while believing they are the former. And despite incessant tries and failing attempts for cupid to snipe your head off, your female friends will still advice, “we like our guys to be themselves.” Yes, right. when’s the last time a stranger jested about smelling their fart or confessed about the bartender’s melon liked boobs they really hope to lick on. Ok, admittingly my examples may be more extreme than a suicide bomber, but I hope you are more focused on my justification than comical oeuvre. So for those that haven’t been paying good, sagacious attention for the previous 550words, the crux is, on scarring first impression, it’s better to behave with a demeanor of an FBI agent minutes away from uncovering the biggest conspiracy in the universe than just being yourself. you can be yourself later on.

makes me fume.

i can’t believe the pitch’s pantomime was resolved by a box of pastries on the part of our local football team. now, it’s one thing to be gracious and another to be blatantly servile. i think this recent act leans heavily on the latter. true that the fight was initiated by our boys, but anyone that watched the video with some scrutiny would have realized it all originated from the dirty playing of the beijing guoan. not to mention that when our boys stood up from bench to stop the fight, the players from beijing guoan ran to snowball the chaos. and yes, the infamous kick to the back of head by that unscrupulous motherfucker, that’s attempted murder.  if oliver fricker careless vandalizing results in him being canned despite pleads that harried from his motherland, surly something needs to be done about this china man. but not surprisingly, nothing is. of course it isn’t to prevent jeopardizing our friendly ties and heavy trades with the mainland. fine, i will bite that bullet if the incumbent wants me to. but what’s even more frustrating is, when the china media distorted news and accused our boys for being the aggressor, who spoke up for us? no one, absolutely none. overnight, our worth have been reduced to kopitiam gossips and vociferation in the forums, fuck. and not to be sinophobic but it would seem drastic sycophancy towards china is the latest international trend. it’s all done in the name of money and more of it. it’s a pathetic and poisonous trend that breeds nothing but arrogance in these chinamen. huge gigantic populous market? fuck you. china needs to stop wagging it dicks in he name of a growing economy and realize civility is the primary barrier of all respect. also, do these people realize russia, india and even brazil are among the growing super nation as well? my guess is, they probably don’t because on every day that ends with “Y”, foreign medias are lactating on their uncouth dicks. point is, the government needs to work harder to protect the best of interest for our citizens rather than fawn in the name of their political agenda. in fact, the world needs to. every now and then, a fair share of their antics smears over the face of face of earth. nobody says shit. i see myself as a pacifist, but the world certainly needs to know when to be diplomatic and when not to. today, i am disgusted.


sept the 12th

for the first time in two full years, i see a prominent leap in my mental growth.
it’s only half past midnight the day before that made me realized so. i am happy and satisfied with life right now.
but i ought to eat the humble pie even assuming there was substantial growth of any kind,
for this is what they will say …

the man recognizes his stupidity in the past.
the smart recognizes his stupidity in the present,
but it’s the truly wise that recognizes his stupidity in the future.

additionally, i believe in philip roth’s beauty of life. about being wrong, constantly wrong and getting people wrong.

out now.


tomorrow will be a pretty damm important day, to decide how things will sway.
if X is the equation they define, my worth as that human will stay.
till then, 73days more to play.

i am finally done.

with my first treatment. 48pages, that’s longer than i expected.
i suspect the script would stretch over a 150pages when formatted correctly.

anyhow, a treatment’s a treatment. no matter how satisfied i am with the outcome,
editing needs to be done left and right when writing the actual script.

also, load of romantic comedies are still sitting at my harddisk waiting for me to devour and that should affect my staunch on the genre by quite a lot.

so yeah, i guess i am pretty happy. my first full treatment.


ahhh ahh, before you start screaming, listen attentive. you hear that? ahhh, she’s breathing. you want to keep her this way? yes? good, shut your mouth, walk here, walk towards me, WALK! nearer, a little more, stop, perfect. before i plant this seed in your skull, here’s a life lesson for you, FOC. when you’re facing a loaded barrel, the past no longer matters. six feet down the mud, gone, nobody remembers. good man? great husband? they don’t give a fuck, a dead man’s only good for being dead. you think i’m crazy? i’m crazy? good. 30years of life building and a crazy fucker? i’m sorry, but the latter wins. now, take a good look at bitch, she will you joining you, good night.