A terrible day made wonderful by $2

by chaotarroo

I had a bad day at work two days ago. While waiting for the bus back home, an old man told me he lost his ex-link card and doesn’t have spare change for the bus fare and borrowed $2 from me. I had some coins with me so I gave him the $2. And because I was having such a shitty day, it occurred to me I should be a shitty person. So I idled at the bus stop and watched every available bus service pass by. The old man did not board any of them. I started throwing him glances askance and he tried his best to avoid eye contact with me. Until he broke the silence under compulsion and said he’s waiting for a friend. I replied him that’s great to hear because I am waiting for a friend too. 5 minutes later, he started striding away from the bus stop while looking over his shoulder at me. Then and there, I wasted 35 minutes of my life, $2, and through my asshole behaviour, the remnant dignity of a helpless old man. Nothing about what I did was productive or to be proud of but I can’t tell you how triumphant I felt over the incident. It turned my shitty day into a wonderful one immediately and I giggled to myself throughout the journey home.