It doesn’t make sense

by chaotarroo

for guys to be chasing skirts when we don’t moist our panties watching Twilight. We aren’t desperate for romantic encounters and orgasm comes easy with porn and a bottle of lubricant. We don’t put up false fronts just to be better connected so we can curb our boredom by hanging out with strangers everyday. Being alone is easy with Warcraft.  A pair of presentable sneakers will suffice for all occasions, we don’t need to impress with heels that glitter or dresses so revealing that a naked mole rat will feel shameful for wearing. We don’t annoy our friends by ringing them in the middle of night to sermon about how unthoughtful our valentine was, the latest science paper published by Stephen Hawking distracts us well enough. We don’t need people, solitude is more comfortable for us than for them.

It’s clear that demand for love is higher on their side. They should be chasing our pants instead. Orthodox views on gender roles can go to hell when the game is clearly to our advantage. We should be passive and let them be the pursuers.

PS: But we are just victims of our own ego lol.