My first poem

by chaotarroo

Novelty is what we are

Novelty is what we are
until time transpires us otherwise.
We are no longer the thrill,
being expired through four eyes.
The agony from feeling repetition
is inevitable in the face of causation.
We cry, we loathe, we squabble
though that face of yours is still adorable.

Separation comes next.
The pavement which we once walked together
is no longer
when a fork is permanently made.
Our fingers no longer knotted
and arms strain to reach.
As charming love starts to falter,
we accuse it as a bitch.

Now in cold beds we find warmth,
and solitude is company.
Sugar bitters the coffee
and shame makes us haughty.
My boss is not obnoxious
and yours, much less lecherous.
Darling! They addressed the lice
on my dog that ought to be euthanized!

Until the day when
Thud thud thud,
the drizzle grouse.
Chirp chirp chirp,
get away from my house!
Alone is no longer hued,
your novelty has renewed.

Time regrets the imp he has been,
as he attaches the wings of cupid
back where it originally is.
The fork converges.
We laugh, we love, we merge
in bed while we tease each other stupid.

Seeing our soul in harmony,
Time ponders on the flipside of story.
He reverts his role as imp
and breaks us in a whisk.
Novelty is what we are and
Time is our master.