With the internet.

by chaotarroo

we must be the most inactive generation ever. It does so much to help, entertain, and occupy but also to enslave and squander time away meaninglessly. Time spent on enjoying IS time wasted if in retrospect one realizes there’s much more that can be done. The root of all unhappiness is inoccupation, which is a result of inaction. It’s no wonder that books on happiness are flying off book shelves like hotcakes, with all the convenient things available to us these days, we ironically are the least happy of all generations that ever lived. First world countries residents no longer struggle to make themsleves comfortable because by default, we are in comfort. When the perpetual chase for comfort and security is no longer required to live, which is life’s natural order, we lose vision and eventually meaning. We appreciate less, we reflect less and then we lose more. So what if information is available just by the click of a button, the value of knowledge is lost during the short-lived click itself. Students no longer break their piggy banks to pay for library loans, information is indefinite and taken for granted. How endearing yet poisonous this thing called the World Wide Web is. It indeed is a web, something that snares the unsuspecting while a creepy crawly loiter around the corner. But the creep is none other than us, the generation who helped in building the web. The generation who pioneered the culture of apathy towards information that will otherwise be deemed valuable through effortful procurement any other time. The dignity of knowledge isn’t the creep’s only victim, but also relationships and the natural beauty of things. The more extensive this web is, the more convenient things are for us, the less we will value. Such is now the propensity of life and such will be. Unhappiness is inaction and inaction caused by the convenient of things will soar further heights in the decades to come.

This is me prosing to bless the year and the years ahead. Happy Chinese New Year.