great results, greater expectations.

by chaotarroo

After throwing several weekends into the furnace and hefty deprivation of sleep, LAB(some annual vehicle inspection event) has reached a fruitful conclusion. Our results are excellent, proving that with stoicism and unity, perfection is not just an ideal but a tangible target that’s within reach. While it paints a bright and hopeful picture for the regulars in surmounting higher barriers, all I see is a clumsy splash of gray. Expectations works like inflation, up is the only direction it can go. As much as I love to think of the glass as half full, it isn’t. The glass is empty, thanks to the seams that water had seeped from, ready to cut the hands that realized these results. To cut the metaphor short, I am screwed.

Army matters aside, CNY is just around the corner and I am now enjoying my 8days of well deserved rest. All I want to do is lay on bed and ogle at my unusually clean nails. Family visiting will be arbitrary since my parents are both out of town. Time to occupy myself by running around the island snapping beautiful pictures!

More updates will come when my migraine decides to leave me alone. Bye.