I cant wait for CNY

by chaotarroo

It must be a first that I am eager for CNY. Not that I enjoy family visiting or the red packets salivates me but CNY will mark the end of all nonsense which I am suffering from right now. K, maybe suffering is too strong a word but it just doesn’t feel nice to be doing something and not knowing why are you doing it except that you are expected to. Plus whining will just make you look bad since everyone else is complying with whatever they are assigned to without further questions. Just imagine plowing a borderless field every waking hour because everyone is and being ostracized or labeled lazy will suck for your future comfort. Not to mention the slightest defiance towards order will potentially warrant you a holiday in prison. A bleak world of all sticks and no carrots. That’s my life for the past month or so, confused and unconcerned of everything that I occupy my hands with. Nuts, bolts, spanners and even grease aren’t repulsive things but the mundanity of staring at them 14hrs a day is. Can’t wait to pop the champagne when this silly game of “stick avoiding” is over, which is very soon. Next week is all about being engaged in a one sided verbal war and deigning with every remark made on their part. I don’t care anymore, it’s just ridiculous to pay more attention to something that I absolutely unconcerned for.

Plans for CNY and after.

1: Read more books.
2: Watch more movies.
3. Pet more neighborhood animals.

How exciting.