dog eaters are cruel motherfucking cheebyes.

by chaotarroo

Hi world.

I had never once thought of myself to be a saint or ever feel sanctimonious to anyone. In fact, my dismissal of orthodoxy morals and right wing virtues are so apparent that although the consumption of dogs(and I do adore dogs) are widely to be deem inhumane I hardly comment on or condemn it. I might not necessarily appreciate the exotic cuisine, but least I do respect it. I understand human’s history of animals consumption and try not to distinct between a man that boils either a dog or chicken for dinner. To rationalize strictly, there is no rigid dichotomy between so. Although needless to say, the former is much adorable than the latter and it’s only biological for us to develop a protective maternal instinct for it. However, our affection for furry beings doesn’t dismiss the crude fact that what delicacies are to us is largely subjected on the culture in which we are nurtured in. If you can’t morally revile a fishmonger that shares the occupation with his dad, I don’t think it’s fair to revile a man that consumes skewed dog for dinner if that was what his neighborhood served when he was a kid.

As much as I love dogs of all shapes and sizes, I find it impossible to rationalize with the visceral side to me. Spice your dogs as you wish China.