a brief rant on dystopian novels

by chaotarroo

Spoilers alert.

I am three quarters through Orwell’s 1984, struggling through a really banal part on the origins of the three countries, or should I call it colonies? Basically on the matrix of how these colonies function and possible loopholes in enabling a revolution. It’s like a book that the fictive revolutionary leader has written and while the protagonist reads it, you have to read it as well, just in a different font face. Even at the risk of it being inaccurate, I really hope this part is more schematic, 40 full pages on the “brief” history of the story’s setting is a fucking nightmare. Not to mention it’s insipid and mechanical narration. Also, I believe the “aim” of these 40pages isn’t to give the reader a clearer idea on the story’s backdrop but instead to conceal propaganda towards a certain political ideology. This is exactly what I hate about dystopian novels, they never hesitate to smear political allegories by adding in unnecessary content that doesn’t quite help develop the plot. And they hardly get slammed for doing so, instead applauded for. Inevitably, you find yourself dancing in circles reading these propaganda at the expense of coming into a complete halt as far as the story is concerned. Although I must defend that the problem doesn’t lie with the writer, George Orwell is a marvelous writer, it’s just the nature of the genre. I suffered the same crap with Bradbury and briefly, Huxley even though they both are great writers. But even condoning it’s nature, there must be some kind of line to be drawn as not to crossfire at the mood and progress of it’s story. The part that I am slogging through now is fucking killing the story. Once more, I nag, 40pages is fucking ridiculous. Makes me nerd fucking RAAAAAGGGGGEEEEEEEE.

But bwahhhhhhh, I can’t possibly drop the book first, by considering it’s a immutable classic and second, I am only a little less than a 100pages from completing it. That is to say I am glued in a grim swamp in the good way because I am almost out of it, if that made sense. Whatever the fuck, back to reading.

PS: And on a completely irrelevant note, I find myself missing loads of my friends recently. Bwahhhhhhhhhhh.