by chaotarroo

Afternoon ladies. Nothing beats a deep afternoon nap.

I just returned from a trial of surviving 14days in a not too distant island away from Singapore. I wouldn’t say the experience is fun, but it definitely isn’t as bad as some petty whiners would put it. Other than the complete lack of intellectual exposure and decent reading material in camp, I remain indifferent about serving my country. It’s an inevitable two years so cliche it might be, but I’ll just have to make the best use out of it, there surely are useful things to pick up from as long as you inculcate optimism into your attitude. To think of it, nothing can really be harsher than working 14hours a day and nearly 30days a month under the supervision of vile managers and not to mention aristocratic guests who judge you as slaves the moment they set their foot in.

Glad to announce, I got buffed up most definitely, nothing like the models in MenHealth’s but just slightly. At the very least, my limbs don’t look that of a stick insect now. Contrary to popular belief, physical training on most days are slow, with at least 15~20mins rest interval after 2hours of vigorous training, nothing too sore on the muscles yet. There was only one day which fucked me up pretty bad after 6hours of uncompromising running, swimming, lifting of weights and marching while our scrotum drip of sweat with the sun melting our faces, I can barely feel my thigh the next day, other than so, it’s mostly lax. To fulfill my recent passion of buffing up, I really pray that more physical excrement can be harried at us the next time we book in other than propagandist lessons in the lecture theaters.

The commanders are nice as well, but sometimes a little too nice or even apathetic towards our performance. Say Hi to your unmotivated sergeants months away from their ORD date but of course, there are also sergeants who takes prides in being a leader and does their job properly at the expense of being hated. I prefer the latter.

Oh, and welfare. Not to be a heretic but these days, welfare floods the SAF and it’s uneasy to know considering who we are and where we are, we are recruits in the army, the algae of the food chain. Forms, forms and more forms are filled up to figure out the personal problems of our fellow soldiers and even interviews are conducted to discuss them. While others are enjoying their admin time from these draggy and needless interviews, I can’t stop questioning the point of it and imagine commanders giving us hair dryer service for our lack of discipline. Shouldn’t NS rightfully be a deliberate cesspool of humanity in aims of developing discipline in delinquents, pampered babies and whatnot? How and when the fuck did welfare came into the equation? Oh, petty complains from Singaporeans, right.

And speaking of delinquents, other than beyond the tall gates of Changi, Tekong might just be the second best place in Singapore to observe human nature. It’s the normative, for our nature to leaks in our most desperate times. Be it withdrawal symptoms from the drastic reduction of daily cigarettes intake or crankiness from the lack of sleep, Tekong is a fucking utopia in observing people. Judge me to be judgmental(oh irony lol) but within days you can clearly pin out those whose future shines from those that will probably end up hopping on odd jobs without any achievement even by the time they enter middle age. It’s nothing about the education level, but outlook and attitude. I personally see light in the future of a certain tattoo dude equipped only with PSLE education but shadow in some more educated ones. Whiners die first in our world, don’t justify stupid systems but instead, climb the hierarchy and change the system. If only I can tell them that without being slammed or looked with askance.

Also, my respect for foreigners over locals are more substantiated than ever. I know I know, that they are only here to rob our jobs and severe ties with our nation as soon as they have earned enough to live luxuriously in their own country giving them a reason to endure the hardships. Whereby middle class Singapore’s are only in a vicious cycle of a rat race which makes us desperate and whiny about life. That isn’t false, but to think about it, they are still who they are and that shouldn’t change the respect they deserve. Generally speaking(so spare me examples of a certain foreigner X being lazy), foreigners are go getters, they are ambassadors of strict discipline and most importantly, they follow instructions and have their mouth zipped at all times. They are cool and I like them.

Finally, I won’t deny that NS can be boring, we are always waiting to rush and rushing to wait. But again, that’s inevitable since we must travel as a company with strength of 260. But boredom is the sinewy of all philosophy and entertaining my brain isn’t a chore at all. I have many upcoming papers in mind right now and I promise to flesh them out in the near future. More gratifyingly, you get to see humans of all background and trades, some amazing people and others a total disgrace to humanity. Not that i embrace the diversion amongst them but it’s a beautiful scene to observe although sometimes tormenting.

That’s all I have to rant for the time being. Can’t wait for my field camp to start and end so there can be more focus on attaining at least a sliver for my next IPPT. Bye.