Atheist do not have morals? Part 1

by chaotarroo

It was two weeks ago when I had a heated argument with one of my superiors on religion and moral guidelines, ever since, I had always wanted to write up on it but never quite gotten the blueprint. Thanks to NEA, my friendly neighbourhood mosquitoes and my dream last night, there’s more or less a fuzzy picture spinning in my head, so let’s attack the paper while my ink still boils.

It’s a common question with wide vulnerable openings from all directions. First, by the frank assault of scrutinizing HDI(Human Development Index). Countries that are less religious tend to be healthier, happier, more developed and people are more keen on offering donations to help each another. Second, by looking at crime density of every country. Religious countries are normally with alarming crime rates.

But from experience, the problem of quoting statistics in supporting an argument is that it leads to nothing but a shit storm of hypothetical enquiry on the authenticity of it, and before you realize it, say hi to raining statistics, where boogie statistics are repeatedly quoted to support each’s stand. So before I continue let me absorb and admit the problems of my figures.

Firstly, most countries that’s leading in HDI are European countries, and these are countries way developed even before the 19th century. No surprise for their prosperity in happiness, health and wealth. With money, it also makes the governance of these country easier, for the people to be more patriotic and communal. And these are all the tumbling blocks of social welfare, leading one good thing to another.

On the contrary, countries that are highly religious are normally those situated at the middle east. These countries suffer from long seasons of drought. There’s sand and only sand in most places and due to the lack of resources, they are poor and uneducated leading to an unstable social security.

So after tweaking and a re-construed version of my statistic, what’s pivotal in allowing these figure the way they are aren’t actually the evil influence of religion, but like most things else, money. Money results in the golden/mudfuck standard of living in all countries, which results in it’s state to be either awesome utopia or plain shithole.

So I’ve graciously admitted, the big assholes of my figures. Also, how easily can statistics be re-manipulated and thrown out of the window as a viable source of argument. But you see, if gist of my figures were steps to assert atheists to be a bunch more sanctimonious than theist, that would be highly and severely flawed due to the discrepancy that can be found in the nature of all statistics, but that’s not my point.

Point is, even understanding the privileges that made highly atheistic country to be leading in national HDI, it doesn’t change the fact that they are. In this sense, even though it may or may not be true that atheist have moral guidelines, it doesn’t keep us from being ethical and communal, which is the whole point of having moral guidelines, harmony.

Part 2 for later.