Justify your existence?

by chaotarroo

I am not a fascist(or at least by definition, I don’t think so) but this is one question that keeps popping up into the morbid brain of mine like how viagra ads do in your mailbox.

It’s a philosophical polemical that’s somewhat similar to the Satre question of “being” but not exactly. I know no accurate lexicons to coin the inquiry as of now, so let’s just call it the JYE.

Ignoring the unwarrantable idea of Solipsism, let’s first assume that none of anybody or living creatures in this known world are merely convincing robots that fogs our perception and we all do clearly and empirically have consciousness. Consciousness to say is that we are all capable of having awareness and individual design.

And here comes the problem, consciousness is a given by biology. That is to say the consciousness of a man is no greater than the consciousness of a littleneck clam, or more derogatorily, the pestering weeds by your backyard(yes, plants do have consciousness). Puppeted by neurology, a man may have stronger realization of what he is or isn’t, and a deeper knowledge of his surroundings but that doesn’t necessarily make him a leader in this game of consciousness.

As explained beforehand, that consciousness is merely the state of having awareness and an individual design. In this scenario, although the design of what a man is may vary due to his greater potential in the remodeling of our known world, it still doesn’t defeat the fact that the littleneck clam has it’s own design as well, which like most other animals, is to survive and be meaty. Whether it’s gonna be served fresh and steamy during your next dinner, it’s design stays strong.

But you see, to think extremely carefully, existence isn’t a given by any branch of science, but philosophy. To say that I exist, is to claim that I have an objective actuality in this world. And scrutinizing the words “objective” and “actuality” in the simplest way I can ever imagine, it’s to say that empirically my being is only such of what it is capable of influencing another and what others recognize me as. And in this sense, I may foolishly belief that our existence can be objectivity pegged on different levels.

Less of semanticist philosophy and more of personal intuition.

That thin line of difference between “existence” and “awareness” is what’s that bugging me on my existence. Perhaps my presumed existence is merely a soft privilege based on my awareness and also others’ awareness on me. Perhaps the idea of existence is just loosely used to pacify our paranoia on our self importance, that existence is not an entitlement at all until you justify it. I am not yet deserving to exist, do I?


Just another tormenting post that cannot be more irrelevant and unbeneficiary to the accepted greatness to our world. It’s no wonder philosophy grads are look down upon.

It will be a long and fun day tomorrow, time to sleep.