Judge me not. Touche.

by chaotarroo

Since when the fuck was the act of “judging” being a privilege and not a given. Since when the fuck did the police issued out permits for people to judge? Or the filthy republicans did? Not in my country, not in most liberalized country and especially not in the middle east where young and wrapped maidens are getting stoned to death for having their innocent pussies assaulted, which actually is the monarch of judging.

With the case laid, let me rephrase my question, where the fuck did the punk ass culture of judging as a derogatory verb come from?

Unhappy and hurt feelings? Don’t make me sick.

Take your time, wipe your dried tears and cum off your face and just think carefully about it. If anything in this world is free and a given, it has to be judging. Freer than the birds in the skies, the trouts in the sea and the serial rappers of Zimbawe. In fact, second to money, judging is what that makes the world go round, it’s evolutionary and keeps us on safe toes.

What the fuck does an African kid do when he sees an HIV infected cheetah from two miles away? He runs for his mother fucking life judging from his experience with giant felines. You expect that nigga to root his soles on his ground thinking that this cheetah might be different from the one that killed his uncle?

In a more urban context. What does an university entrepreneur(black or white) do when he sees a shady figure(black or white) holding firm on a 16mm approaching at an irregular rate 3am in the morning. He walks straight up to him while thinking, “No, no, no it’s wrong for me to judge people.” or he takes an alternate lane to reach his destination. Be realistic.

A woman in a outfit that exposes half her saggy tits while wearing make up thicker than the oxford standard dictionary. A hooker? Or a very fine lady on her way to a costume party?

Customers that can’t stop their requests on freebies and discounts. A poorfag miser or the wisely frugal.

A man that buys groceries pink tights. A homosexual or a man with a peculiar sense of fashion?

Girl with more than 5 cocks in her body. A slut? Or a victim of a bad relationship.

The words above. You see my point? Or you are a cock sucking zit producing dumbass socialist that refuses to learn?

Fuck it people. Don’t shave your pubes, grow them proudly on your crotch like a congressional medal of honour. All these waxing services are making people softer than ever. You expect the dynamics of the world to change just for your brittle feelings. You acting like a Chinese commie. The world will judge, for good, for good and sometimes for bad. But it cannot be denied that judging is essential. We live to judge and vice versa.

Anybody that says, “Who are you to judge?” must be hiding midget slaves at home in a kennel. Not that I am a weed smoking freedom loving hippie fuck but how can you strip more freedom from a man than preventing him to judge. Cleopatra did better by piercing the nipples of her servants in vain.

Finally, a quote of advice to the young souls soon to enter the brutal world of working. You are not who you think you are, but who they think you are. In simpler words, it’s doesn’t matter if you can be solve quantum physics equations in your brain but can’t tangibly prove it to your superiors.

So two points to remember before you leave this space.
1: You are a slut when the world thinks you are.
2: The world will judge and don’t be silly about it.

A very agonizing post to start of my 12hours work shift. Great and ciaos.