Tumblr murders creativity and initiative to think.

by chaotarroo

A terse post on my problem with tumblr.

On tumblr’s popularity, there should be a level of scrutiny in understanding what essentially makes it so and the effects it possibly bring to our society. As boasted on it’s front page, a easy way of blogging, tumblr is the new social phenomenon of blogging. Not by the sharing of personal recount, but instead the spreading of words or images we find relevant to our lives.

Humans, as social creatures ever to find solidarity, the positivity that tumblr brings to our everyday emotions cannot be denied. But apart from the prominent upside, the nature of tumblr restricts our willingness of writing new ideas instead the searching of terse quotes that we can relate to and sharing them.

Now, the real argument. Although it’s fair for tumblr to rebuke there’s no restriction in creativity and originality since all contents are allowed to be uploaded, the platform’s very objective gives it away. An advocation of easy blogging, in other words, offhandedly, it’s to recite available contents instead of writing new ones. To extrapolate, it’s not only our initiative in thinking, but tumblr is also potentially harmful towards the way we think. It deepens various cognitive biases such as the bandwagon effect, projection bias and most harmfully, availability cascade.

In summary, In ensuring solidarity and belonging, as much philosophical and inspiring tumblr is to twilight fans, the creativity borders have been long chalked and murders our pensiveness.