the korea war?

by chaotarroo

the Korea war, a summary in 20 chronological points.

1: NK claims they aren’t the aggressor.
2: SK and the world ignore their claim.
3: US asserts they will show full support for SK.
4: NK takes on the world by bragging about their nuclear reserve.
5: The world watches China and Russia closely.
6: China ignores and watch other markets plummet.
7: More guns are sold using vending machines in Russia.
8: US currency further drops. Forcing China to revalue their currency.
9: Repeat point 6.
10: Nobody talks anything related to NK anymore but they repeat point 4 anyway.
11: GE ends, PAP stays in power. GST will be 9% at the end of 2011.
12: The number of dogs eaten in China rises with it’s market.
13: The Mayans were wrong.
14: Lady Gaga undergoes a sex change operation as nobody is giving her any attention anymore.
15: Inflation escalate 6% annually, your salary stays.
16: Commercial blowjob starts to cost more than kebab in India. Their population exceeds China.
17: Repeat point 4 once again.
18: The Chinese return to their country loaded with SGD. Africans take your job at $600/month.
19: The news report that Justin Bieber has been send to rehabilitation for drug taking.
20: Wait, what Korean war?