blame is like a force

by chaotarroo

the title says it all.

i consider myself a fine man in my ability to understand most systems and mechanics behind the teenager culture, but the big idea of blame and it’s position is one of the few things that i have never had a good grasp on. it would seem that whenever shit storm stirs, somebody has to be accounted for. nobody will ever ever ever say, “that just happened, nobody wanted it, let’s move on.” somebody has to be fucking accounted for. rather than being ticked off by the trend, more times than not i am left scratching my head and wondering the incentives that’s ever produced my blame, which translate to none. it’s weird, be it to wallow in your own tears of self blame or shoving the blame down the throats of others, blame is equivalent to how we define force in grade school physics, it’s something that can neither be destroyed or created, it has to travel all around our social spectrum until we all agree it has found it’s befitting place, and it fucking stays there. not that i am advocating the negation of responsibility and penalty against negligence, but to put things into perspective, what the fuck does blame exactly do? everytime? it’s no game of modern warfare or politics, and we are not living in the fucking urban jungle, but before the faces of people we love. on circumstances, maybe the position of blame has to dwindle.

food for thought