girls and boys

by chaotarroo

girls aren’t exactly smarter, or holds higher maturity. but when personal emotions aren’t much involved, they definitely are better judges than most guys are. it’s not intrinsic, but a gradual development starting from day 1 of birth. girls think a shitload, usually have their thoughts focused on everything related to social lives. not just on theirs, but every-fucking-body they know.
they create scenarios in their head and form hypothesis to these scenarios, judging each of the characters created in their own pointless abyss of thoughts. but in the long term run, these stories no longer become pointless, they become an essential part of refining their sagacious self. on the other hand, guys have a large part of their thoughts cooped up by hulk and megan fox, most of them are terrible in balancing a good acumen while thinking theirs are fucking awesome.

point is, guys are terrible advisers. the best they do is bash and make fart jokes. approach a girl for better advice today.