do take note

by chaotarroo

things have tangled for the worse, changed for the worse. and habitually, i have been speculating loads of reads on why so, connecting the dots and tiny shreds of information, like a puzzle.

it’s akin to science, the breaking of matter and recreation of it. funny how self oppression can lead to such drastic changes and of course, a pin of opportunity. a seam to break the cocoon for the larvae to spread their wings. it’s your nature, to love fun and covet thrills. but routine has made you wrapped beneath your true skin. until a syringe of ego comes along, injecting your blood stream on a gradual basis and chance of confidence arrives, you’re there. no longer a seeker of constant adrenaline, but a believer, gambling you have what it takes for that constant chemical surge. the lifestyle you have been secretly waiting for.

to ask, we are kids, aren’t we? we love fun, but the question is, are we on the right track to get them? not on the moral level, but direct one on the potential backfires that might occur for this sudden gamble. to answer, and why would i judge you on your decision? i wouldn’t. it’s your demeanor that’s telling your story, the tone you assert to every word. you are a vessel, overflowing with abrupt pouring ego. slow your head down, understand the weak rope you are hanging by. that change in lifestyle comes gradual, that your visualizations might not be true.

i can’t give half a shit on what you do, but think. you certainly need to think more.