the death of mrs lee kwan yew

by chaotarroo

not to condemn sincere mourns over her death but have anybody wondered why do they?

now if the similar tragedy were to befall on our MM, i would have understood the depressed reception for history is ever portraying him to be the sole founding father of Singapore. but his wife’s death? to view critically, it’s somewhat puzzling for extreme and unanimous grieve to be expressed from an average citizen.

nobody really knows her true name, or even bothered reading on her life journey prior to her death. the media denounces her death will glittery writings regarding the contributions she have made and suddenly the nation sinks into tears for a woman they never really knew.

what can i say? it isn’t randy pausch, or george carlin or even kim peek. it’s a woman we have somewhat a vague understanding of. now it’s true that as humans a certain degree of sadness would be expressed when one of our species passed on. but for politically apathetic teenagers to be joining facebook groups to commemorate her life there must be some other mitigating factor that goads them.

i for one muttered a silent prayer when i chanced upon that news, but seconds later discovered the irrationality behind so. then jaded for a couple of minutes more figuring that hidden force that leads me there. and guess what? to mourn for a women you never knew, never cared about, but made great contributions to this land we are standing on. it must be political correctness at work.