love quotes

by chaotarroo

and why they are bullshit, all of equal hierarchy. brought to you by the cynical bastard.

1. Communication is the key to a stable relationship.

Fucking no, communication is the key to ruining it. Overage understanding on your counterparts causes nothing more than unwanted stigmas. To quote statistic, 90% of men and 60% of women admits to committing adultery at least once in their marriage, thank God that divorce rate have yet to eclipse a fifth of that chart.

2. I am happy as long as she is.

Wisdom for the fool, folly for the wise. You must be happy that she’s bush fucking that outlaw biker you never knew and she never knew till 2hours ago. Now, I do believe in altruism but this? Fuck no. Anger, jealously, sadness, contempt, depression, honor Shakespeare and do put these vocabs to good use.

3. The more quality time spent, the more sustainable is the relationship.

Not going to question what “quality” essentially is but from experience, “more time” is poison in the quest of sustaining a relationship. Most men aren’t Casanovas, more time causes only repetition of activities, conversations and sex positions which results in boredom, boredom and more boredom. You are screwed when she’s bored.

4. It’s all about learning how to trust.

That’s true, except that the idea of trust is a myth. Fundamentally, we aren’t programmed to trust, but instead be critical, suspicious and cynical. The neurons that stems within our skull is too complex to trust, instead observe and question. Changing our modus operandi is an idealistic myth as well. When in doubt, ignore and fuck someone else, that will do good.

5. It’s just the feeling.

The more positive of the five quotes listed. For at least 3 times, I have covered this. Most girls aren’t award winning biologist, they don’t know much about themselves. All they know is when a suave guy passes by, there’s this strong surge in enigmatic attraction they are unable to explain, which results in the conventionally used term “feeling”. When a girl tells you she doesn’t have the “feeling” for you, it’s not the end, but the beginning to working smarter.

Bye, time to enjoy my dinner.