by chaotarroo

no not really. i like dogs.
i love how fluffy they are, i love how cute they are, i love how playful they are.
i love how their tail wags in glee, i love how they hop around innocuously and most of all i love how they are just so uber cuddle-able.

but fuck. NO! i hate dogs.

i wouldn’t be liking dogs if i existed 15k years ago would i?
probably not, for dogs are hunted during then and it’s only a few thousands year later before they are domesticated.
or in modern context, if i lived in a small hamlet in china where dogs are more of a cuisine than comrades.
does that mean my liking for dogs isn’t by choice but entirely attributed to the random timeline and geographical location i am staying in? oh dear.

so what now? do i think dogs are cute because i am culturally nurtured to be so?
yes, probably and that’s terrible. time to start hating dogs even i love them.

ps: i just summed up my every hour thought process in 150words.