do you hate justin bieber?

by chaotarroo

6:20 in the morning. random thoughts about mr bieber in bulletin. hopefully this reaches 12. and yes, that’s a number pulled from thin air.

1. justin bieber hating gets on my nerves, i hate to visit youtube everyday feeling like it’s groundhog day.

2. there’s no line of difference between stupidity and stupidity. yes, i am referring to mr water bottle and his juvenile supporters.

3. bieber haters are hating him for they same reason they ought to hate themselves for, the lack of creativity.

4. there needs to be some regulation for the maximum number of haters an artiste can get. the world needs to be more dynamic in hating.

5. *bonus* the world needs to hate king of leon. they need to learn the cuisine behind bird shit.

6. i don’t see what is there to hate about bieber, he’s just a money making tool for his record. and in that sense, lady gaga and eminem is in a different league.

7. they all hate to admit it but a large part of bieber hating is merely a bandwagon party for unsecured kids to find solidarity.

8. people that calls justin bieber “gay” or “lesbian” should be sent to the bird park. they make great parrots.

9. *slightly related* i will love to see a detailed demographics on all of peter chao’s subscribers. i suspecting it’s average age is equivalent to a dog’s dick in inches.

10. bieber is like the hitler of the internet. nobody knows shit about him yet they just hate him. in that way, he’s awesome

11. i realize i can’t hit 12, so here is me cheating a little.

12. bieber is essentially what pop is about, building hypes. so see that door over there? on your right. yes, walk there and boycott the entirely business if you will.

conclusion is, i’d rather be friends with 11yr old girls that swoon over the nipple of bieber than his haters. not only because i am a pedophile but because at least they have an opinion. an opinion were to mean an insight/notion/judgment of your own.

time to be an idealist and watch more WSOP.

PS: wait … did i mention that phil ivey is overrated?