by chaotarroo

Woman are intuitive creatures, or rather, they are creatures that banks a large part of romance on it. They are linguistic and highly social creatures that’s genetically poor on structured subjects such as science or maths. True that most of them possess linguistic abilities to better express feelings than their counter parts but little do they realize these expression usually aren’t braced with substantial reasoning instead a hefty amount of contradiction.

Women uses the word “feeling” and “love” without understanding what it necessarily is, and sooner or later you will realize these are just convenient lexicons to coin enigmatic feelings. They claim they are seekers of genuine sincerity, yet they are on the constant edge of coveting fun. They want to feel warm and secured by their love ones, yet they desire chancy adventures that keep them on their toes. They want guys to be opinionated with strong life vocation, yet they hope their coequal to be sensitive towards their feelings. I have been rambling a burly sum of words, but rest assured this isn’t an opportunist entry to slam on women. What i am advocating is, regardless of what these ladies assert about their delicate tactile sense towards love and everything associated with it, they don’t know shit about themselves.

In the search for love, women are no heroes, merely lackadaisical hippies feigning conviction. With that rambled, unless you are atrociously rich or handsome, more times than not it doesn’t quite pay to be yourself on first meetings. And no, should I remind this is hardly a rant to scorn the game or an extensive post to smear my chauvinism. It’s a honest and practical advice telling men what they should do or avoid on first meetings, “being yourself.”, which biologically translate to a proud, horny monkey ever ready to spin the conversation into an epic battle of giant robots. In the game to avoid celibacy, being entirely yourself is the last thing you will want and need to do, you are shutting doors to potential romantic partners faster than africa kids die.

It takes secrecy, secrecy and more secrecy to trigger even an ounce of affection within them, do not expose who you really are, tempt them, be laconic. Read the conversation’s flow, amuse them with dumb jokes your beer friends will slap you for. Wear clothes that your buddies will deem as queer, for different does not necessarily equate to fashionable but at least that bright red cowboy hat is screaming for attention, it’s a direct suggestion of “hmmm, this guy might be fun.”

Finally, it’s one thing to be appear sociable, another to strip yourself entirely naked on first meetings. guys tend to do the latter while believing they are the former. And despite incessant tries and failing attempts for cupid to snipe your head off, your female friends will still advice, “we like our guys to be themselves.” Yes, right. when’s the last time a stranger jested about smelling their fart or confessed about the bartender’s melon liked boobs they really hope to lick on. Ok, admittingly my examples may be more extreme than a suicide bomber, but I hope you are more focused on my justification than comical oeuvre. So for those that haven’t been paying good, sagacious attention for the previous 550words, the crux is, on scarring first impression, it’s better to behave with a demeanor of an FBI agent minutes away from uncovering the biggest conspiracy in the universe than just being yourself. you can be yourself later on.