makes me fume.

by chaotarroo

i can’t believe the pitch’s pantomime was resolved by a box of pastries on the part of our local football team. now, it’s one thing to be gracious and another to be blatantly servile. i think this recent act leans heavily on the latter. true that the fight was initiated by our boys, but anyone that watched the video with some scrutiny would have realized it all originated from the dirty playing of the beijing guoan. not to mention that when our boys stood up from bench to stop the fight, the players from beijing guoan ran to snowball the chaos. and yes, the infamous kick to the back of head by that unscrupulous motherfucker, that’s attempted murder.  if oliver fricker careless vandalizing results in him being canned despite pleads that harried from his motherland, surly something needs to be done about this china man. but not surprisingly, nothing is. of course it isn’t to prevent jeopardizing our friendly ties and heavy trades with the mainland. fine, i will bite that bullet if the incumbent wants me to. but what’s even more frustrating is, when the china media distorted news and accused our boys for being the aggressor, who spoke up for us? no one, absolutely none. overnight, our worth have been reduced to kopitiam gossips and vociferation in the forums, fuck. and not to be sinophobic but it would seem drastic sycophancy towards china is the latest international trend. it’s all done in the name of money and more of it. it’s a pathetic and poisonous trend that breeds nothing but arrogance in these chinamen. huge gigantic populous market? fuck you. china needs to stop wagging it dicks in he name of a growing economy and realize civility is the primary barrier of all respect. also, do these people realize russia, india and even brazil are among the growing super nation as well? my guess is, they probably don’t because on every day that ends with “Y”, foreign medias are lactating on their uncouth dicks. point is, the government needs to work harder to protect the best of interest for our citizens rather than fawn in the name of their political agenda. in fact, the world needs to. every now and then, a fair share of their antics smears over the face of face of earth. nobody says shit. i see myself as a pacifist, but the world certainly needs to know when to be diplomatic and when not to. today, i am disgusted.