movie scenes

by chaotarroo

the most profound and impactful of movie scenes based on the list i provided earlier on.
top 10 list, in no order.

tokyo sonata: where the family returns for breakfast. everyone silent, impassive of the perils they just went through, wolfing down the meal.

lost in translation: where charlotte lies on bob shoulder’s at the singing lounge.

4months 3weeks 2days: the meeting with her bf’s relatives just moments after she’s raped by the shady abortion surgeon. she’s in complete daze, staring at air for 10 full minutes. the camera remains stagnant.

million dollar baby: when clint eastwood pulls off hilary’s swank life supporting device. he explains the meaning of mo cuishle to her, we can see she’s grateful.

nobody knows: when the children load their deceased sister in a luggage. as promised, the eldest son then brings her to the airport and buries her.

let the right one in: when eli returns to save oscar by the poolside. ripping heads off from the bullies.

one flew over the cuckoo nest: when chief notices the scar on jack nicholson’s head and kills him, almost weeping. uprooting the bathroom’s basin and escaping from the asylum.

lilja 4ever: when lilya plays with the little boy in heaven, with plastic wings attached to their back. we realized she’s dead.

eternal sunshine of the spotless mind: the movie’s ending. where clementine explains the same will only happen if they went into a relationship, but they do so anyway.

21 grams: where sean penn explains the significance behind the movie’s title and die. we realized the beginning of the movie is actually the end.