lady gaga.

by chaotarroo

before you proceed reading this post, there’s two things you ought to understand.
number 1 – i am egocentric. i think i am smart, much smarter than you. no debates on that, thank you.
number 2 – yes we are all entitled to our opinion. but again, that doesn’t save anyone from being absurd. and no, i neither have tolerance nor respect for absurd opinions.

read on.

i used to dislike lady gaga.
initially, it was done biasedly for she’s a pop artist, but only recently, i am discovering more legitimate reasons to brew strong contempt for her.

first, the elephant in the room. the whole supposedly spooky theory that surrounds illuminati.
i haven’t read on illuminati, didn’t bother to. watched a little bit of youtube’s overhyped documentary on the whole music industry conspiracy, thought it was absolutely stupid. in fact, the magnitude of it’s stupidity is so overwhelming, half way through part 2, it started to strangle the good side of my cognitive ability forcing me to quit it. that bad, i swear.
but coming from a man that spent 6 whole months of his life watching conspiracy documentaries and reading truckloads of “skeptics” magazine, i am telling you information is more manipulative than you think.
if the zeitgeist conspiracy equates to an IQ of a chicken, then the big hoo haa that surrounds illuminati would be no smarter than a pebble. i’ll gladly pick cinderella as a much more believable story. riding on a pumpkins carriage? that’s just … possible.
to go deeper into the case, more fundamentally, i don’t believe in satan as well, along with jesus and his merry friends.
sermons of self important atheists are definitely the trend now, but as much as i hate trends, do allow me to join the horde.
to nitpick on every single lyric and every second on her MV then relating it back to satanism?
even the makers of 2012 doomsday feel ashamed.
enough of vigilantcitizen bullshit, time to inject some michael shermer in your lives. this guy has a PHD on philosophy, a leading behavioral economist, written more than 15books explaining on why do we believe and how do we.
my advise? time to cease all selective reading, read more widely from humble sources and start seeing the dumb fuck in yourself.
so fuck illuminati, fucking shitty news sources and fuck pea brains that can’t think further than a 3rd grade schooler.

two, her talent.
this girl’s good. she forms good melodies and writes wacky lyrics, not just for herself but many other well known artiste as well.
but apart from that? can’t think of much. don’t give half a fuck on how much she suffered to get on the big stage.
maybe she deserves an extra clap or two for her perseverance but i believe that’s more of a virtue than a talent.
people don’t get it, that the pop industry is all about building hypes and busking people in it. there’s a good reason for why capitalism thrives since the start of industrialization.
and hypes dies eventually, by the end of one decade, or more fortunately, two.
the cows stop giving good milk, slaughter it, by the neck, whatever.
thanks, you made thousands for us, and millions for who’s up there.
but that’s your life span, and we, the people behind the scenes better start thinking a current image for the next big icon in the line to keep our fucking jobs.
i dislike the pop business, there’s no autonomy to everything, it’s just money and more of it.
oh and speaking of talent, ever heard of andrew bird?
this guy has a doctorate in music, a former university professor, professional whistler, proficient as shit with any string instrument. in fact, he’s so pretty damm good he went performing with yoyo ma, arguably the best cellist in the world right now, winning multiple grammies.
he’s a artist as well. just released a well acclaimed album not long ago and had his first concert in esplanade January.
but i bet you haven’t heard of him? why not?
cause this guy’s hardly charismatic, he’s soft and just not marketable to the public.
the industry realizes he never will make a percent of what gaga makes for them, so he’s not made known to you.
so the next time you decide to speak about lady gaga like she’s the alfred hitchcock of music, once again, fuck you hard.
think, please.

three and thankfully the last, the eccentric package.
i don’t blame her for being eccentric, i am pretty much an eccentric piece of meat myself.
but gaga’s just way too fucking pretentious. or rather, the producers are demanding too much from her.
she’s just a fucking girl, she breaths, eats and squat the shit the same way we do. but people are spectulating her as some kind of mysterious creature descended from god knows where.
come on man, she spends her weeks rehearsing, taking shots from a camera set, writing songs, planning schedules ahead and touring.
for someone prudent enough to do that, cooperating with thousands of others in a similar working environment, how insane can she be? you suppose she rips raw human flesh from some masochist’s neck bone during her spare time? no. she reads “eat,pray,love” while waiting for the chauffeur.
and you wonder, why do people believe in tabloids? because it’s entertaining. and chances are, whatever’s that’s entertaining ain’t real. life’s hugely a bore.
it’s only the way the media chooses to portray her, best part is, people are swallowing every goddamm thing the media’s shoving down their throat and taking it for real.
i don’t give a shit even if she appears topless in some random concert and allow her fans to grope her.
plausibly a publicity stunt, but even if not, she’s still fucking human, time for people to realize that and not frolic in their own fantasy.
and also, do grow a larger caveat for sex and abnormalities. i have seen elephants and giraffes fuck a girl so bad she bleeds and faints, so much so i can no longer see the commotion in volunteered molestation. yes, widen your exposure to shit.


so to sum it up real quick, her are the main points.
1: people are stupid, making gaga possible.
2: people are stupid, making gaga possible.
3: people are fucking stupid, fuck you.

i spent pretty long writing a post no one will read, i should sleep. good night.