conventional terms

by chaotarroo

i hate conventional terms, and even more so detest those who abuse them.
conventional terms such feelings, gut instinct, affection and the list crawls on.
why do i?

simple, cause i am a nerd.

it frustrates me to see people escape the hook from telling how they truly feel or what they truly want.
if you think the issue’s only a peanut, i am telling you it’s not.
the trend is becoming of a culture, to be garbled, dishonest and i would consider, deliberately incoherent.
tune to MTV, watch interviews, and carefully listen to the excessive use of “i don’t know”s, “you know”s or “just like that”s
boils me aggressive.

i hardly believe in feelings, or what they might call instinct.
as mentioned before, i am a nerd, though scoring disastrously in science for Os,
i believe there’s a certain science to everything. either known science or unknown science, doesn’t matter.
not that i am debunking the word “feeling” nor asking lexicographers to exempt it out from the dictionary.
but simply desperate to prove the potential in it’s elaboration, and the need of it, that’s way psychology exist anyway.

every action triggers something, positive or negative.
likewise, our character, personality, habits, likings and so on.
everything triggers something and oozes chemicals in our bloodstream.
it’s pathetic when one says his/her affection are drove only by unexplainable feelings.
false, it’s just our stupidity or diffidence that makes it unexplainable.

and these traits further proves our capability as a human.
not entirely, but at least in a narrow context, to an icon.
point is, though no one dares to admit so, essentially, we are all useless to a certain someone else.
as long as you are unable to search the right buttons in dark and press them.
true that they might cringe or cry when we die but apart from that, nothing triggers nothing.

it’s the science. all in the science that i not know even till date.
antagonizing indeed. fuck myself.

and no, you do not have to understand what the fuck i am talking about.
i am just being megalomaniac. bye