oh god

by chaotarroo

Inception ravings gets on my fucking nerves. IMBD top 3? Holy fuck.
Not to be a nerd and rage on it’s scientific inconsistencies, but to imagine the picture as a script, Inception at best is only an 8.
True that it’s a stylish and powerful concept, beyond so lies nothing more than an incoherent plot.
Too much of anything ain’t good and Nolan proves so. Overtoned, pretentious and chaotic describes the movie.
It’s understandable that Nolan aims to trigger the cognitive muscle, however, he fails to recognize simplicity as one of the key ingredients to a good script.
Not to mention it’s opulent budget, something which I take offense at.
I won’t dismiss Nolan’s potential of winning a few Oscars this year, even best director.
But his script will never come close in winning anything, in the event where it does,  fuck the panel.
Memento remains as his best movie.

On the other hand, I’ll have to rave the script of TS3 being shear genius.
When compared to Pixar, Disney is hardly magical.