what i think …

by chaotarroo

life is one big fucking experiment, we draw up hypothesis and venture our beliefs.
sometimes we do well in mixing the right chemicals, more times than not, we don’t.
and the resources to embark these experiments don’t come easy, mostly painful to earn but easy to go.
we pay them on all forms and level, not just through cash, or things we presume as assets,
but even precious camaraderie we polished for years, we unknowingly fuck them to pursue believes, trust me.
there’s no one way solution in winning the game, for the right chemicals to blend.
not necessarily the best, but most exhilarating way of liberty would surely be “don’t stop trying.”
yes, fuck judgments and paranoia. inwards or outwards.
it’s either you dominate it, or screw it up. fence sitting through your life? fuck you.
keep experimenting, keep failing, keeping fucking.
when success is so far beyond that a binoculars can’t reach it, pick up a bag of heroin and a barrel of bullets.