by chaotarroo

there’s a canal of snot inside my nostrils, my throat is suffering from bad drought, eyes look as if they are on the brink of menstruating and finally, my entire body is sore as fuck for a reason i am still trying to figure, backneck especially.

it’s official, i am down with flu. quite a bad one i presume.
sick for the first time this year? fair enough.

been trying to sleep for the past 2hrs but to no avail, to no avail.
if nyquils were available locally, i not mind drag my tensed body over a stretch of 5miles to procure it.
but fuck the paranoia on drug control.

now, slight insomnia wouldn’t be much of a problem if my attention span stays the same, but evidently, fuck no.
my body’s all tensed up and the constant leaking of snotty pipes forces me to literally dunk my head into the basin every now and then.
relaxing to enjoy a 120minutes movie without interruption? harder than cumming with mental will.

i know i sound so much like a whiner but cranky me is truly cranky today.
only beheading two dozen of toddlers will help me sleep. three maybe.

edit: not my magical moment but my spontaneously, by reviewing my situation, it reminds me of this song,
don’t ask me why, it’s harder to explain than quantum physics.

when it comes to corniness in MVs, the sky isn’t the limit, pluto is.