something …

by chaotarroo

it’s nearing 6am in the morning, and to curb my urge to masturbate, i decided to post my list of top 5 most fuckable woman and why. fictional ones and anime characters included.
i don’t know why am i doing this or how will this work but for one reason or another, i know it will. here we go!

5th: Amelie from Amelie

Yes, i know. It’s probably worse than inappropriate to have erotic desires on a girl with more than 51 awards hidden beneath her skirt. But fuck, I don’t give a shit. The more self important this girl is, the more justice, love and fate bullshit she clings on only makes me want to fuck her more, and hell yeah I mean it. Amelia the altruistic girl, completely fuckable. Also, waitresses turns me on.

4th: Tsukino from Yakitate Japan

Now, since all you read are doujins that features either Haruhi, or Shana or the more recently worshiped Mio, chances are you won’t know who the fuck Tsukino is. But i do, and she is one fine lady. Yakitate Japan being a shounen manga generically lacks of female characters, and thank god that Tsukino’s in it. Her gap, fills in the gap, for the lack of gap, know what i mean lol? Sick jokes aside, back to business … Shameful to admit, I used to be a filthy otaku(take note of my adjectives), and for me to be picking tsukino as my number 1 most fuckable anime character, the reason is packed as shit. don’t question. And preferably, i want to drill her in that baker uniform.

3rd: Diane from Trainspotting

The best damm thing that happened in this drug flick other than the subject itself? Yes, Diane. Though her role was less than 15mins in the entire film(the fucking part and bouncing of tits included), Diane, is easily the female protagonist in this show. Her contributions to spin the plot? None. But is there any woman I want to fuck other than Diane in the show, once again, fucking none. There you go. And when a girl transform a simple pickup line to a debate then drags you home to fuck her straight after, that’s what I call personality. I want and like that personality. Diane, I don’t even care if she has a dick, I just wanna fuck her. Oh, and did I mention she’s 15 and from a very prestigious school? Turns me on.

2nd: Evey from V for Vendetta

Natalie Portman? I don’t give a fuck. I want my Evey. You see, I have a thing for smart, strong willed and most importantly, valorous girls. Evey? She nails all criterias right on the head. And for a girl to be one of the key masterminds behind a historical revolution, what more do you need? Additionally, for a girl to be is all entangled in politics WITHOUT being a feminist, oh fuck, 9th wonder in the world anyone? You know what I like about V for Vendetta? Not Guy Fawkes and his pretentious lines, fuck him. The part I enjoyed most is when Evey gets “imprisoned”, forced to eat her own bowels and that glittery yet determined eyes as she gets SHAVED(not down there). If the above doesn’t make you want to fuck her, you must be either gay or lying.

1st: Fabienne from Pulp Fiction

By now, you must be scratching your head thinking, “I watched that movie twice and who the fuck is Fabienne?” Don’t feel bad about it, her name was hardly mentioned. Fabienne is the girl brushing her teeth while Butch dries his hairy crotch. Remember now? The girl that Butch almost threw a television at for forgetting his watch. Good, now you remember. Next, what is she doing sitting at the top of my list? I don’t know, I really don’t Not trying to fuck with you buddy but that’s precisely why, I don’t know. She bears all fucking traits that I normally hate. Slow, dreamy, muddleheaded, insecured and can’t stop questioning on the trivial. Still, I love and want to fuck her. Hardly decent looking when placed among the babes of Hollywood but there’s just this unfathomable charisma that makes me wanna URGHHHHHH. Oh, and remember her conversation with Butch regarding pot bellies? Yeah, a girl that yearns for a bigger belly. Definitely unconventional and very very very fuckable.

There you go. 5 most fuckable fictional characters. I know it’s crude, I am waiting for you to judge me, I am off to sleep.