by chaotarroo

disclaimer: believe it or not, there are no spoilers. ALMOST NO SPOILERS.

yes, the new witty and as well, mind boggling blockbuster of this summer.
making the complexity of shutter island look no deeper than three little pigs.

nolan did well in living up to his film making forte, to trigger(maybe collapse in the case of inception) the mind.
not just in highly acclaimed memento, but in his latest superhero sequel as well, the dark knight.
however, perhaps to showcase his adaptability in so, the degree and class of self interrogation was entirely different for all three films.

in memento, audiences were forced to deal with it’s chaotic chronological order right from the start.
in TDK, much more subtly, moral questioning through christian bale’s dark dialogues with our favourite villains.
and in inception, “ostensibly” indicated by the spinning totem, just where in the blue hell is cobb at right before the credits roll?

now, for the first two films, the answers aren’t direct, but i believe, they are at least tangible and within the audience’s reach.
for inception? hell no. hell fucking no.
mind you, it’s science fiction not science. there can be carefully crafted complete hypothesis from astute assumptions but ultimately, where do these speculation link to? nowhere. no experiments to play with, sorry.
except for ego parades conducted by nerds taking a break from their physics revision.

unless the man himself speaks for the movie and clarify doubts, which he almost certainly, wouldn’t.
all “smart” and “deep” speculations will be for the waste basket and your own abyss of morbid thoughts.

so yep.
here’s a loud malicious laugh for any dumbfucks prepared to read another self important post in scrutinizing the movie.
we have enough of those on TEH INTERNETZ already, for speculations are like resilient parasite lol blah blah blah you know …

so what is this post exactly other than a galore of inappropriately used prepositions?
it’s a heavy downpour on the nerds parade, my parade.
in short, i wrote this to stop myself from being stupid. to stop thinking.

still, any questions about inception, ask me. i should know.
not to portray the “intellectual” side of me for ego fueling purpose but genuinely, to help.

ps: actually, this was intended to be yet another long winded speculation on the whole movie. but my egoistic side kept me from joining the horde of sci fi nerds, which in turn became a childish sermon on “why the fuck are you stupid for thinking too much”. my ego wrote it subconsciously, i swear.

pss: i wonder if any sane man understands what i just wrote lol. nvm.