by chaotarroo

i love stroking the fur of a cat as much as your sister does but i still find it hard giving an ounce of shit about animal cruelty.
not when i just had 2 double cheeseburger minutes ago, just can’t get past my compunctions of rationality.

with that disclaimer made clear, here’s some compliment, then request to our friendly russian beach boys.

*clears throat*

you fuckers are epic, 1million views on youtube under 4days, well done.
fear nothing from self important animal activist, i heard dunkin donuts are expanding their franchise over to russia and that should cops busy.
meanwhile, if any of you are plotting an epic scheme of flying another animal up in the air, please please please make it an elephant.
i know these fuckers are heavy as shit, endangered and crazily protected by dumbo fans but damm, seeing an elephant blast off in the air would be more epic than justin bieber blowing zac efron. it’s worth the effort, trust me.
also, if possible, please kill a thousand seagulls and weld their weather to it’s skin before throwing it in air, that will be nicer than the auora boreallis.

so yep, here’s my humble request from me just in case any of stalin’s grandson reads my blog.

point made.
peace, fuck, bye.