why are movies …

by chaotarroo

so shitty nowadays?

good question with a simple answer to it.
because VFS took barely 2months and only 68million(humble budget in hollywood) to make Eclipse.
the rest of the 9months? it’s all about building up hypes with aggressive advertising to drive virgins digging their pussies at the abs of edward cullen.
coming this year when the movie hits the big screen the crew sits back and look at their financial result, it’s success must be no surprise.
reaching 500million in box office and tickets still selling like hot cakes.
great! that’s 450million in profit margin!
less than 5movies managed to achieve that this year, not even Toy Story 3, a 4year long well anticipated project.
but hey, Eclipse success isn’t for it’s witty dialogues, or original script, or skillful directing.
it’s all about being an opportunist, riding the big waves.
and to keep the pockets of their employees bloated, they pick up their surfing boards and paddle towards the waves once again.

don’t get my message wrong, i don’t hate VFS, i don’t hate stephenie meyers, i don’t hate the twilight saga.
i hate the world.