by chaotarroo

with discipline peaking the chart of highly effective habits, the next best weapon for a writer would probably be solitude.
hundreds and thousands of accumulated hours alone, deserted from human voices, deserted from distractions.
just focus, and hallucinate, elaborate and finally, pen those illusions down eloquently.
and there you go, a script. mediocre at first, getting better as it goes on.

i spent 16hrs alone for 5days a week, with no commitments to fulfill.
living in a first world country, i am at the height of my solitude and isolation, it’s all about the discipline now.
speaking of good opportunities and awful things that happen leading to foolish decisions. i can’t help but LOL.

things don’t happen for a reason, we make up reasons for things that had happened.
my reason is more than an excuse to wallow in tears of self pity, it’s a motivation.
i am happy for so.