in this country …

by chaotarroo

it’s harder to die than to survive.

let’s be “realistic”, people hardly die from starvation, it’s not 13th century china.
society had longed engineered itself to prevent us from dying,
as a matter of fact, the despots doesn’t want us to.
they need us! the young, fresh and paranoid shrimps for capitalism.

so what happens when starvation and death is out of “realistic” view?

withering, more withering and eventually, habitual withering.
being “realistic”, it’s the best, as well as the worst the middle class can do.
we wither from dreams, we wither from have to make ends meet,
we wither from the dilemma between money and more money.
we wither from races we need not compete, we wither from guidelines we need not follow,
we wither from careers we need not chase for.

let’s be realistic about “realistic”.
let’s be realistic about the irony behind the word “realistic.”

ps: the only word more ironic than “realistic” is probably “humane”. go figure why …