chalet la!

by chaotarroo

just returned from a 3days 2nights chalet.
was bored to my bones at times, but more than not, it was enjoyable.
if anything severe i have to complain about,
it would be my deprivation of good music for 2days and lack of awesome skating time.
other than so, it was fun.
well, not mad fun considering my mildly aloof relation with many others but cliche as it is,
it’s doesn’t harm to know more. right?
probably, the best part of the chalet being talking shit during wee hours and fetching macdonals at 4 in the morning.
to confess, there’s this weird attraction between me and doing things during the early early morning.
any action is 5oo% funner and more comfortable between 3am to 6am.
as ludicrous as it might sound, no joke.

a brief update on my life and some morbid habit about me.
typical of an entry and that will be all. BAI.

ps. i still miss you.