oscar maroni

by chaotarroo

” broke up with god around 6 months ago.
still, sometimes i lie down and have the urge to pray,
but i won’t give an satisfaction to that asshole who fooled me for so long.
he has to show up and give me an explanation.
God will have to appear before me, on my laptop or cellphone,
or cause a black out.

let’s be honest, back in the days where he showed up giving out sardines to everyone.
he would first cure lepers then appear in parties with 12 of his friends,
consuming drug of that time, which was wine.
and instead of burgers, they would eat bread,
the whore next to him is Mary Madgelene.

shit, today he doesn’t shows up, or say anything.
so i don’t think he exist.
and what if heaven doesn’t exist?
fucking waste of time.

let’s bring down the level of this conversation.
i mean, how many fucks has the pope miss out?
don’t you agree? fuck man.”

Oscar Maroni