12th june

by chaotarroo

yes, i am clueless to what to write as a title.

it’s 12june, a seemingly perfect day for reading and writing.
i am recovering from yesterday’s stupidity, still coming back to haunt me routinely.
once again, i acted on impulse, letting my “vain as fuck” self to ruin my day and possibly .. today.
but oh well, it’s a lesson and i should just perform my forte and MOVE ON.
sorry wrizo 😦

on one hand, i blew my job and another $300 that should be sitting comfortably in my bank in the weeks to come.
but on the other one, i gave myself good time for reading and writing.
didn’t do much yesterday was mind fucked on the err .. after all intangible.
but happy to say, i woke up today to feel feel pretty goddamm awesome.
which eventually chalked the starting point of my hours long of intensive reading.
ransacked my ebooks folder and read several dozen authors(ok maybe just half a dozen) to get a feel of their “style”.
the beauty in kazuo ishiguro discreet words and that incessant, smooth flow of jodi picoult.
i am starting to get what SK mean by “AVOID PASSIVE VOICE AT ALL COST.”
will need to adapt to that … fast!

other than that, my recent buy from kino is still left wrapped.
i really should focus on my writing than trying to contact an agent without any ounce of substance to present.
“all broken up and dancing” is the least of what i expect from a local novel.
i will need something with stronger local flavor to shift me in trance to write my latest idea.
oh and my latest project!
i have had the plot briefly highlighted and planned. but what’s missing is my confidence in trying it.
it’s something like tokyo sonata, but in the local context and alot much sadder.
i hope it works, after my first manuscript that umm, disappeared into thin air.

k, 30mins more to read/write before i am out to watch unmistaken child.